Prayers needed for a friend

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Beadlady, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Today on the radio I heard that a friend has been charged with felony theft--from when she ran a non-profit agency. I was just floored to hear about this.

    I know this might sound stupid, but am I right in thinking that just because she was charged with a crime--doesn't mean she has been found guilty?

    We are not super close friends but the other day I saw her on Face Book and she briefly mentioned that she was having some problems and asked me to pray for her.

    I just keep thinking there has got to be some kind of a mistake--but then again I know sometimes bad things happen to a good person.

    I sent her an email telling her I was thinking of her and would continue my prayers for her. {I don't have her new ph#}


  2. So sorry to hear that...will pray she is not connected in any way to something that will make her lose her job ,taint her employment record or possibly end up doing time in prison..

    Will Keep Her in My Prayer Group tonight before bedtime...Helena
  3. So sorry to hear that...he's a year younger than me...OMG!!!! My ex-husband's ex-wife has Stage 4 Breast Cancer..and hers has spread also..they've given her less than a year to live..and what's so sad she went through the horrible chemoradition....

    Still all in all...only God know how long our lives are...Glory to God in the Highest,I will add him to my prayers tonight...Helena