Prayers needed for Fivesue

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    ***Please remember Fivesue in your prayers, she is having alot of pain in here legs and has another upcoming Trip to make!!

    Just wanted you to know praying for you hun. I had read your post on the FM/CF board about your legs hurting so bad....From the way you described, it may/could be restless leg syndrome.... please mention this to your doctor!!

    My legs hurt really bad as well, but mine comes alot from all the fluid I retain...My legs and ankles swell up like ballons....

    I'm so sorry your going through so much pain....I pray you get some relif soon.... please don't overdo it sure to get plenty of rest and try to stay off your feet as much as you can!!! Also, You are a very special person as well :)

    ((Hugs, Love & Prayers))

  2. fivesue

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    I'm sorry your legs hurt so badly, also. Mine are just terrible today...have been waking me up lately. I can't sit or stand or lie without pain....What helps you? Anything?

    I did get my clothes put in the RV, but I am so weak in the legs. Do you feel that way? Walking up the stairs makes me hurt so badly.

    So, thank you for adding my name to this list. I don't think it's RLS now, praise God, but it's an FM flare or something. I'm hoping my psychiatrist may help me some as we are leaving and I don't know how I'll ride so long. Good thing we are taking it slowly getting there. My poor husband is so overloaded and I'm just not much help right now.

    Anyway, enough. You take care of you. God is good and He does promise to give us the strength to do what we have to do...but only He knows what we have to do...sometimes we overload ourselves. I know I've done that plenty. I think that's part of the reason I have these issues today.

  3. windblade

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    Sending up prayers for Sue - that pain in her legs and her new trip. And prayers for your health.

    God Bless you both!

    Prayers going up! :)
  4. dejovu

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    Traveling at the best of times is hard. When you're not feeling well it can be overwelming. Prayers that God be with you every step of the way. I also pray that you will find some enjoyment in your travels and that your pain will ease. De
  5. fivesue

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    Now taking 120 Cymbalta. If it works as advertised, I should have significant relief once it kicks in.

    I usually need a big dose of meds as my metabolism eats things right up, so I'm not concerned about the dose.

    But, I'm having to renew my Vicodin as we are leaving...thank goodness he wrote it so I could take as many as needed a day...but he only wants me to take 2 which I haven't been able to keep it to for a bit.

    Anyway, thanks for the prayers.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I may have missed posting back to you before you left....I can't remember exactly when you were leaving....I haven't been back online for a few days....I have been having such a hard time lately....seems I stay in bed more and more lately.

    I'm so glad that your doc wrote your Vicodin out the way he did, so you could take as many as needed a day....I understand he really dosen't want you to take more then 2 a day, but sometimes we have to have a little more, to even help a little with the pain, so at least while your away if you need to take a extra one you can.

    I pray your legs are feeling better and you are feeling overall better.

    I'm like you standing and even sitting, my legs hurt...the only thing that does help a little with me to ease the pain in my legs is laying down and even then it takes me awhile to get in a comfortable postion where my legs don't hurt as bad.....but alot of the pain in my legs is coming from not only sorness and achey, but the severe swelling I have...they just swell so bad they feel like there going to burst open.

    Well hun, I don't know if you have left for your son's wedding yet and if you will get a chance to read this before you go....but either way im praying for you and hope your son's wedding brings nothing but joy and happiness as im sure it will :)!! Also praying you have a safe trip and able to get plenty of rest!!

    Windblade~~ Thank you for your prayers hun!!!

    God Bless
    ((Hugs & Love))
  7. Asatrump

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    All our bodies have weak spots, I pray you get some relief. Wish I could invite you all over for a half hour in the hot tub, and get those bodies massaged.
    I had workmen upstairs on Thursday, I made many trips up & down the stairs. Normally I do things upstairs and come down, and don't go back up until bed. The hot tub saved me twice this week. Once in the am and once in the pm.
    I pray for improvement for you.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Awwwwwww, that sounds so nice....

    Boy, I wished we all could come over for a good massage in the hot tub....just thinking about it....feels good :)

    I'm glad you have a hot tub....and im sure it does help alot with aches etc...Maybe one day it will be in my budget to get one :)

    ((Hugs & Prayers))

  9. MamaR

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    Praying that she has a safe, easy trip and can enjoy the wedding.