Prayers Needed For My Aunt....

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    Please say a prayer for my aunt Dorothy.......She is going through so much right now and has been in and out of the hospital for months now.

    She is a diabetic and also has other Very serious illnesses. I want know all the exact details until my parent’s get back from visiting her. I do know that her body is not allowing her to digest her food right and she is not able to go to the bathroom, so EVERYTHING comes back up through her mouth. They are also going to put a pace-maker in.

    My parents left this past Sunday to go see her, there staying the week with her. The night they got there she was in the hospital and mom and dad slept in chairs beside her, they did release her the next day(Monday). But it just doesn’t look good.

    From briefly talking with my mom on the phone, she said Dorothy doesn’t look well at all. She has lost so much weight.

    Dorothy is my dad’s sister and they have always been really close. Dorothy has told some of her family member’s that she knows she doesn’t have long to live....she hasn’t said this to my dad because she knows he is already so upset and worried about her.

    My dad lost two of his brother’s last year within 4 months of each other....I’m really worried about dad and how he would handle it if something happens to dad is not in good health himself.

    Please just remember my Aunt & all family in prayer.

    Also continued prayers for my little sister, she has been staying with me this week while my parent’s have been out of town.

    Thank you & God Bless

    ((Love & Prayers))
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    Many prayers for your aunt, you and your family too. Difficult times for sure.
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    I am praying for you dear sister also for your loving family. I know God is with all of you right now, but it is still so tough. God grant you all serenity, peace and wisdom. Bless you all. De

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    I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt Dorothy. Many prayers that the doctor's can help her. She sounds like she has quite a lot of medical problems,

    Love & prayers,
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    Lifting up prayers for your Aunt and your Dad and your little Sis - all members of your family.

    How painful for your Dad to lose 2 of his brothers justlast year!

    Lifting up your Aunt in her illness to receive all that she can - all that God wants to bring to her now.

    With much love,

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Mom and Dad are back home safely from there visit with my aunt Dorothy. They really hated to leave her, but they had to get back home.

    Mom said she really is in a bad shape. The doctor’s seem to act like there is not much more they can do for my aunt.

    Mom said right before they left she was again throwing everything back up.......she’s not able to keep anything down at all and she still is not able to go to the bathroom(have a bowel movement) (don’t mean to be gross) but where she can’t go to the bathroom it has no where else to go but back up through her mouth.

    Mom and dad really really hated to leave her.. She is suppose to be going to see a new doctor at a different hospital, I pray they are able to help her.

    Thank you all again for your faithful prayers.....You all are a Blessing to me and my Family. Please continue to pray for my aunt Dorothy and Family.

    God Bless Each & Everyone
    ((Love & Prayers))

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    Will be praying for your Aunt Dorothy.. and your entire family.