Prayers needed for my family

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by CrazyLadyR, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. CrazyLadyR

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    My 19 year old nephew and his 17 year old girlfriend recently had their first child together. A beautiful baby girl. Well, the baby passed away today. She stopped breathing, and was on life support all day. The docs said that she was brain dead and left no room for hope. So this evening, the unplugged her and she never took another breath.

    I believe that there is power in prayer, and if any of you have the time, please pray for them, and the rest of the family.

    I dont know how tomorrow will be. I will probably be calling my counselor crying again. It's like one moment I am like stone, and the next I'm a weeping boob. I cant wrap my mind around it all. I want so badly to pack up a bag right now and get on a plane to Nebraska, but Christmas has our money tied up (3 kids). We have credit cards, but with me not being able to work, we are trying to find a way out of that debt. Adding to it, is adding to it. Until I get my letter of approval from SSA, we cant count our chickens... you know the rest.

    I thought about looking into taking a Military "Hop", but I never have and dont know how it is run with the war and everything. I am going to look into that tomorrow. Any way I can get acroos the Pacific and to my family in Nebraska, I will try.

    Christmas will never be the same, for real. You miss loved ones that pass, on Hoildays, but for a baby to die, and die a week before their first Christmas is such a shame.

    Please know that your prayers are needed and accepted with a tremenous thank you to you, and prayer for you and your families at this time of year. I will keep ya posted on what's going on. Its like 11pm here. I am usually in bed snoring, or stealing the blanket from my husband and the dog! Please take good care of yourselves, and Many Blessings to you ~R
  2. Jude

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    Crazy Lady R, so sorry to hear of your loss. I too feel that prayers can uphold us during times of extreme emotional pain. I will remember you and the young parents in prayer tonight.

  3. Rock1

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    There are no earthly words to be spoken that describes your loss, but I know our Lord works all things for our good. My prayers of comfort are for you and your family. I hope you can think of Christmas as a time of our Savior's birth and our salvation. God Bless.
  4. Nonie

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    Dearest Lady R ,

    Honey , I know first hand the grief you are going through ! I WILL DEFFINATELY BE SAYING PRAYERS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!!

    In 1998 the day after Thanks giving , we lost our precious grandson NOAH . He wasnt even born yet ! My daughter was dying with her heart , and the drs. had to make a "life or death" decision , to take the baby befor he could be born on time . My daughter AND the baby would have died if they waited any longer ! The Dr. said it was "just a matter of days" ! Then they put my daughter on a Military hospital plane and flew her to Birmingham Alabama for emergency open heart surgery on my husbands 50th birthday !!! She went into a coma , and they told us 2 times to disconnect her life supports and let her go , but we could NOT ! She woke up 3 weeks later , and spent over 6 months in the hospital , but she is with us today , and able to function !

    It has been 3 yrs. since the loss of little Noah , and it STILL hurts and breaks our hearts , but the LORD really does give you the strength to go on with life . I will pray that he gives you and your family that strength dear one !!! You are right , it is always much sadder when it is an infant or a child who passes on .
    Dear friend , I am sending you many , many soft HUGS !!! God bless you .

    With very much love , respect & concern . Nonie

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