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    Our nephew has had trouble since he was born with his heart but recently it has gotten worse. It's a rare disease that causes a hardening of the heart and there is no known cure.

    He is not allowed to drink or consume any caffeine and has always been limited on his physical activity. He is such a sweet and caring young man.

    His dad is a full-time fireman and was dispatched to an emergency rescue call at the elementary school and when he arrived EMS had arrived just prior. As he was walking towards the child on the stretcher he noticed the soles of the childs shoes was Patrick's. His heart had stalled out and EMS had revived him.

    Patrick was life flighted immediately to Reilly Hospital where a pace maker was installed into his heart. Since the installation he has had another Doctor visit that showed his heart had stalled again and the pacemaker caught it and corrected the rythmn back out. It's recording his heart activity.

    Patrick is back in school now but he's on strict limitations and we went and visited with him shortly a few days ago.

    There is a Doctor that is studying this disease in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic and they are taking him to see this Doctor in December. I have strong faith that he can be healed from this awful disease.

    Please keep Patrick and our family in your prayers.

    All is appreciated.

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    I will be praying for your nephew and family. Blessings. De
  3. Alary

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    Prayer is offerred for Patrick. Looking for miracles.
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    I am particularly fond of the name Patrick, I always have been. I ask God to show mercy and healing for this special child. I pray that some normalcy can come into his life. Children should never have to suffer, it is so devastating when they do.
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    I will pray for Patrick. I will pray that there will be answers to help in finding a cure for his disease. Father put your hand on this boy and we ask for a miraculous touch from you in Jesus name.

  6. Lendy5

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    As I sit here and read all of your prayers tears are rolling down my face because of the compassion I feel coming from each of your replies.

    I forgot to mention that he is only 9 years old. So young to be so sick.

    Thank You all so very much!
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    CAROLYN i am so sorry for your familys' pain. there is nothing worse than seeing a child suffer. Please Lord help this child regain his health....May new proceedures help his heart, so that he can lead a full life. I pray for his family to have the strength needed to do all that is neccessary for Patrick. Please Lord hold Patrick in your arms and heal him, so that he may be strong in Your Light...In Jesus name....Amen.
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    a full and happy life.Linda
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    Will certainly add Patrick and family to my prayer list.

    God bless you....Mari