Prayers needed for our Nation....

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    I was watching a Christian program the other night, and so much fell into place for me. It was about terrorists...abroad and in our own country...and the fear it's produced. Terrorism is everywhere..our government, elected officials, our neighbors. For you see, terrorists are nothing more than evil, and evil is the devil.

    The only way to get rid of terrorists and to keep our country safe is through God and prayer. We cannot fight it on a full-scale level, but we CAN fight it one person at a time, starting with ourselves and the trust we have in God. If we trust Him enough, He will keep our country and it's people safe. Trust is more than just saying the words...we need to totally turn ourselves and others over to Him. (Yes, I'm struggling with this terribly...too much news, internet, etc.)

    So I'm asking each of us to ask God to fill our hearts with the spirit of faith, hope, love, and give us the strength to trust Him and His plan. I don't think that means to do nothing....we still need to stand up for the rights of our country, but through prayer will the answers come. If we can pray for our officials that they may all find it in their hearts to realize there is a loving and caring God with a plan for us in charge, and give up the notion that money, oil, etc. is our God, terrorists (evil) could not touch our country.

    Of course, that may never happen, but the more we pray, the more good that will come to our country. I totally believe that. God does not go back on His word. He will see us through the times ahead and protect us from evil, if we only believe and trust in Him. So please, please everyone, let's pray together that this great country remains great, and God is kept as the leader of us all........Love through Him....Jole
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    Our family prayes often for our country, for our President to make good decisons. I believe that there are still a lot of people that are still "there" as in there with the very beginning beliefs that our country was built upon. Repeat to yourself, The Pledge of Allegiance. It is so wonderful to see a huge flag and remember how it all started. Rough? Yes. Under God? Yes..:) What a great country it turned out to be, and still is, very blessed in many ways.
    Love, Cynthia
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    Yes, you're right....we do need to pray for the entire world, not just for our country. I was wrong completely, and will admit it. We should be praying for everyone, not just ourselves. I will do that, and ask others to also..................Jole
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    Thanks for posting this prayer request Jole. I pray daily for our elected officials from the pres on down that the Holy Spirit will give them the grace to do what's truly best for our country and it's people. That they can put aside their ego's and desire for control. I also pray for the end of dictatorship in other countries where it is so prevelant. Power is very seductive. I watched a program on Fox last night.It showed the coverage of 9/11 as it was happening. It also included interviews with the relatives of some of those lost that day. It was very chilling to watch all of that again and a real eye opener. We can never forget about that evil act of terrorism and all the lives lost. It's been said that if we don't learn from history,we are doomed to repeat it! God Bless America and the world over!~~Jeanne
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    Yes, I also saw the 9/11 program...not sure which station. It brought me to tears and I felt the same anguish as the first time I saw it. I recall a person or two here on the board that felt it shouldn't be shown on tv anymore; however, the one thing the relatives all said over and over is "We must never forget", "Please remember".

    People tend to forget without reliving it, and it's too easy to forget those heroes who gave their lives so others could live. God was with each and every one of them to the end...and beyond...and if we only could experience their final moments, our lives would be totally changed. Many of them knew there was no way out, especially the ones on the plane who took matters into their own hands. I have no doubt that most of them asked our Jesus to guide them be with them in their final moments...and I'm even more positive that He was!

    Oh, they had to feel His presence with them so strongly, don't you think? How else would they have gotten the courage to try to overpower the terrorists? Yes, the feeling of love had to be overwhelming! And that overwhelming love is what I pray each of us will feel...and be able to pass on to others.....a small candle in the darkness..added to another candle, and another...until His love fills our country and spills over into the next. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful thing? We can only try............Jole
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    Yes,I agree that the strength of those that took out the terrorists on flight 93 most certainly given the grace to do so by their faith and trust in God. I also agree that we must never forget anything about 9/11. As I write this,there is a man here in a suburb of Denver that has beeen detained and questioned for the past three days for what is suspected to be his involvement in a terrorist cell back in New York. Seems he just came back from there,raised the suspicion of authorities.He drives a taxi cab @ the airport here. Integrated into a suburban neighborhood,etc. It's very diconcerting.However,this is the state of our country. We just need to keep up the prayers...~~Jeanne