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    My mom is back in the hospital after being home roughly a month. She called me at almost 3 am saying she couldn't breathe. By the time I got to her house the ambulance was there. My step dad went with her but told me to go home since I have to take care of DS and have work this afternoon. I just talked to him and he said they were putting her in icu again. They wouldn't even let him in the room. I know we are gonna have major problems with her because her doctor wants to put her in a nursing home (even temporarely) but she won't go. But at home she doesn't listen to what the doctor tells her to do. She has COPD and leg/ankle swelling really bad. I know there is a name for it but I can't think of it right now. Please keep her in your prayers again.

    Thank you;
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    Dear God

    I just lift this precious family to you now and ask that you will be very close to Jean's Mum in her hour of need. I pray for her family, watching and waiting and wondering what the future holds, that you will really fill them abundantly with your love, your hope and courage for the future. Loving Father, you know our needs before we know them ourselves and I pray that you will now come into this seemingly problematic situation and bring order from concern and anxiety.


    Hugs, prayers and love across the Atlantic to you Jean and your family.

    Music Teacher (UK)
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    Dear Lord,

    I lift up Jean's Mom to You and ask for You to bring healing to her body. Give her and her entire family freedom from anxiety and fear. Let them experience Your peace and comfort.

    Give them wisdom to make the right decisions during this crisis.

    In Jesus' name I pray,
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    Praying that your mom`s health improves.

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    Please know that we are praying for your mom.
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    They are moving her to a regular room today (or as soon as they have one available). Thanks so much for your continued prayers.