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  1. shep

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    I had a stress test last week and the news is not good. I will be having a heart cath sometime in the next few days to see if I have any blockages.

    Heart disease in women is much harder to find and treat than in men; I have been informed. The symptoms are: pain in the right sholder and middle of the back (about where your bra hooks), upset stomach and bloating and gas, sweating spells, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath.
    Well, I have had these symptoms for a long time and they are the same as the ones for fibro and C/F. So, I really didn't pay that much attention to them.
    When I went to see my doctor for a regular visit, she suggested I have a stess test as I had not had one in seven years.
    I advise all you ladies to ask your doctor to order a stress test (treadmill or with the medicatons) just to be safe. As I have problems walking with bad knees, I had mine done with the medications.
    Remember me in your prayers and if this post helps just one lady find out they have early heart problems and it is not just fibro symptoms, I will be blessed. I hope all of you that have the stress test have good results.
    I hope no blockages are found when they do my cath ..and if they are they can remove them at the time of the catherizaton.
    Love and prayers to all,
  2. greatgran

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    Sorry, to hear about your heart problem and my prayers are with you..You will feel so much better when this is all done..keep us posted..

    love and prayers,
  3. JLH

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    I will most certainly keep you in my thoughts and daily prayers.

    I hope you get thru the cath OK -- no blockages. But like you said, nowdays they can remove them with the balloon and place stents in your arteries all while doing the heart cath.

    I had a cath about 15 years ago. Mine was OK, then. I have a lot of heart problems, too. I had a pacemaker put in about 2 years ago.

    Love and prayers,
  4. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Thanks for the reminder. We have so many, we end up ignoring a lot of then. I will be prayiing that all goes well for you.

    Best wishes,
  5. sarahann61

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    Hi Shep,

    I had a heart cath, due to abnormal stress test. I didn't have any blockage either. I think the Dr. was pleasantly surprized. My heart muscle is too thick and can't relax, very well, between heartbeats. But, he told me that I didn't have a life threatning heart disease. If the heart is not relaxing, it looks like it could eventually cause major probs. But, guess he didn't want me to worry about it yet?

    I do know how stressful it is, to have this test , done. I was also scared of the dye, since I had already had a reaction, from another test.I am already on pred. for my RA, and he loaded me up on it, and gave me other meds, including a Tagamet? I cannot take Benadryl because of my lung problems......

    My prayer is ,that you will have a uneventful test, and they will be able to fix any problem, that they might find. Hope, you will be feeling better than ever, after this test.....
  6. KateMac329

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    Honey I am sooooo sorry!!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers and all of us here on the board will help you get through this!!!

    Thank you for keeping us up to date!!!! Let us know how is goes sweetie!!


  7. gumama

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    I'm under a lot of stress at home I take care of my 87 yr old Mom who requires 24/7 TOTAL care and my husband who is ill with Lupus and has been for 13 yrs... so there is a lot on my plate.

    We are all familiar with the Anxiety /Panic attacks, and everytime I had one ounce of chest pain I knew this was the big one..

    My Dr ordered an echo/stress test. I was able to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes, my heart was fine.. and since then my anxiety level has gone WAAAAAAAY down...

    The Angiogram is not as bad as they use to be, and I'm sure your's will be just fine... my prayers are with you. and yes they can fix it right there, my husband had a heart attack 16 months ago and they put the stint in and he's fine.

  8. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    I hope everything goes well... hugs and best wishes.
  9. FibroJo

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    Prayers are on their way up. I too have had a heart cath and was very anxious about it. It went very well, they did not find anything of concern and it was over before I even knew it, so try to relax. I wish you the best.
  10. MamaR

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    Yes...for sure to be praying for you! I am so glad that you went for it!

    Was the stress test bad? My mom had the one with meds and she turned real pale and almost passed out.

    But, later we realized that she was so blocked. That could have been the reason.

    I was ordered from doc to have the stress test. It was even scheduled, but I cancelled due to lack of money at this time. I will reschedule real soon. I know that it is so important.

    With love...MamaR

  11. shep

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    Thank all of you so much for all your prayers.
    We say "well, all we can do is pray." and that should be the only thing we need to do and do it first.

    I was so surprised at all the post, I knew this was a loving fibro family, but now I have personal knowledge of it. God bless all of you.
    Will keep you updated ..not scheduled yet..
  12. I will be praying for you. Hoping all will be fine.