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    I hate to jump the gun, but I received something from my insurance that they aren't paying a bill related to my heart surgery earlier this month.

    The reason given was that there was no pre-authorization. I know the hospital called and was told they didn't need it because it was considered outpatient. I even had the hospital call me and verify that they called.

    I wouldn't of had it done if I knew they wouldn't pay. It may be a mistake. I couldn't call because of the weekend. I couldn't sleep last night, and that threw me into a flare. I re-read my insurance forn and for elective (I don't know if that is what I'm considered) they do want a call for auth. or they can charge $500.00/co-pay or refuse to pay if not med. necessary.

    God did give me a reassuring feeling like it would be OK. I guess worst case scenario I have to pay it, and since I can't I would be in bankruptcy. I still have my family- although my husband will say that this is my fault.

    I was on the phone constantly with the hosp. about it. I even called the ins. to check it there was pre-auth. they said no one called yet, but didn't tell my that I also had to call....I was trying to figure out the other mess from the ins.

    Some of you know they ran a health history investigation on my looking for pre-existing conditions- none! They didn't clear that until the week before the surgery so I didn't really have time to get everything together. I really thought I was thourogh.

    Please pray for this situation and that I will have peace of mind....for sleep tonight. I couldn't even tell my husband. I already feel like a failure (I know I really am not) because I'm have this chronic DD. Thank you for your support.

    Also prayers for me during the next few weeks as I go back to work after break. I work in a school and really love my job. I pray that I can handle it and do the kids justice, I love them.

    I also pray for a graceful attitude while dealing with the insurance people on the phone tomorrow. Kindness and grace towards them no matter what.

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    I am praying that God give you wisdom and discernement and a spirit of peace when you call your insurance company. I am asking Him to have you find favor with these people and get this problem settled in your favor.

    Was your surgery to correct a heart problem-that's usually not considered elective?

    I've changed insurance three times within a twelve month period and have had two major surgery, countless procedures, and several minor outpaitent surgeries. Sometimes I feel like a gerbil in a wheel, because none of this has gone without a glitch. In the end though, things got straightened out.

    God bless,
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    Yes, the surgery was for a congenital heart defect. I didn't know about until I was getting tested with the virus that led to FM. I'm 38 and didn't have a clue about having it! I had just started new insurance in April. I started having problems about 3 weeks later.

    Bad timing, huh? They drug out an investigation for 2 months. I can see why they were suspicious, but it was very stressfull for me. I was hoping that the problems were behind me.

    My problem was that my heart had 2 electrical impulses (nature's pacemaker). You are only supposed to have one. So, the implication is that the impulses, when both are working can make your heart race and race.

    Some of the young atheletes that just drop dead had this problem, undiagnosed. So, the potential is life-threatening. Whether it would have led to that or not isn't for me to know. I wouldn't think it would be too hard to argue for med. nec.

    I can really feel the difference now. I didn't think I had any symptoms, but I really feel the absense of them now! Praise Jesus!

    Thanks for you help. I feel that with more that one person praying there is real power in that. There is scripture to back that up! I praise the Lord for everything in my life good and bad. I feel He tests us to make us stronger to serve Him!

    Bless you,
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    Sending prayers for you tonite. It might just be a mistake. I got a $8,000 for my knee surgery in the mail about 4 monthes after my surgery. I about had a heart attack. It turns out the doctors office hadn`t sent it in yet. Shortly after a called them, they filed it and it was paid in full.

    Just check it out and see what`s going on. It will work out.

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    Thank you to all that posted or read my post. You are all true blessings to me.

    I called the insurance comp. this morning first thing. It seems the bill they rejected was billed as IN-patient, not out-patient. If I was inpatient then I would have needed a pre-authorization.

    The man on the phone was so nice. I kept saying are you sure, when he told me they just had to rebill. He said I can tell you are worried today, it's OK- you did not need preauthorization. What a blessing he was.

    I did say that they request info. from the doctor/hospital and that was standard in all cases. I'm sure to verify med. nec.- I don't think that will be any problem. He said not to worry as it will take a few weeks, then they would proccess the claim. He was so nice. I think I sounded really distraught- I was!

    I have to tell all of you something really cool that happened. Do you know the song that says "Jesus- lamb of God, worthy is your name......"The woman sings is over and over again. It's slow and soothing. Well I had that song in my head, kept singing it in my head during the day and night. Well, after I got off the phone I realized that song was on the radio- it had been playing while I was talking to the insurance person. So I sang along with it through the chorus and then it was over! I just looked upward and said "You are awesome!" Isn't that so cool? They don't even play that song very ofter either!

    God is good- all the time!

    I read all of you good words of comfort before I called this morning- thank to all of angels on earth!

    Dixie- I cried when I read your message. Thank you so much. You really know how to say things the right way- it was very touching. Thank you so much.

    Still keep me in mind as I go to work tomorrow. I'll check back in.