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    I would like to thank all of you that take the time to add me to your prayers.
    I am 34, I suffer from a few auto-immune diseases, RA and FMS being 2 of the most troublesome.
    I have not responded to any RA treatments in over 3 years of trying new meds. I have just started Remicade, but suffered with severe hives, so I may have to discontinue it.
    I must use my wheelchair to go out, and waliking in the house is becoming very difficult. Right now I am homeschooling my 12 year old son. I cannot drive any more and I live 30 minutes from my doctors, shopping, etc...
    My husband and I have our house on the market (so far, no one is interested and I am getting worried) and have put a deposit on a home just 2-3 minutes (yippee!!!) from my docs, shopping and everything we need. Plus, in the new house my hubby can stop by during his workday and check in on is in a gated community so he will feel more secure for me there too.
    Right now with homeschooling (when my own daily care is somedays impossible)and trying to sell our new meds, I am under SO MUCH STRESS!!!
    I just really could use (I'm crying right now, as I type)
    some extra hope and prayers (I know prayer can work miracles, I HAVE SEEN IT!) to get everything in order and get our home sold, so we can move and get settled in a great neighborhood. The home my hubby found is just like what I have always wanted and it's already handicapped equipped!
    It truly is like GOD meant for us to live in this house.
    I am just so stressed and tired and need to get everything settled.....I need peace and time with my family and the ability to heal. Any prayer and support is needed and appreciated. Thank you and have a blessed weekend and enjoy this beautiful Spring that is upon us. ~Stacey
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    Praying for strength and for a quick resettlement of your family in this perfect home. Sounds like it will be just what you need.

    God's blessing on you today.

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    Thank you Sue! {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}