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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I have really been having a terriable time seems it's been one thing after another.

    Ontop of FMS/CFS, in the past month I have had kidney stones and now a Boil on my breast that got infected and the infection spread covering over half of my breast, after going to my doctor and ER several times, they finally cut the boil open and packed it with glauzes. There running some test to be sure it hasen't turned out to be something more serious.

    I'm on some really strong antibotics and feeling pretty terriable. It's hard to even take a shower with this being on my breast,im not suppose to get it wet. Please if you will say a pray for me, for all this to pass and heal. Please remember my family in prayer.

    I'm sorry I haven't been on lately and I want you all to know, all here are in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless
  2. fivesue

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    How awful to have all this going on! I certainly will pray for you and you don't worry about how long it's been since you've posted. We care about you, and know that you do us.

    So, just take care of yourself and I'll pray you will heal physically very soon.

  3. MamaR

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    you have so much to deal with at this time.
    I will be praying that you will get relief from the pain... and will pray that all tests return normal!

    God bless you.....Mari
  4. windblade

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    Have been missing seeing you here - wondering how you are.

    Will surely keep praying for your health needs! What a terrible time you have been going through. We are all joining together in prayer for you.

    Have missed your "prayers going up". :)

    May God bless and care for you,
  5. Shirl

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    Bluerose, you sure have your share of problems right now!

    I pray that the Lord heals that boil quickly, and all the other problems as well. Take baths till the boil heals, forget the shower, thats almost impossible to not get wet that way.

    Be sure to take some Probotics with all those antibiotics you are on, and eat your yogurt too.

    Will pray for you daily, and be sure to let us know how you are doing soon.......

    Shalom, Shirl

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Fivesue~ You are such a darling sweetheart, and always make me feel better. What a blessing you are! Thank you hun for your continued prayers. I hope you have been having low-pain & less fatigue days!! ((Hugs, Love & Prayers))

    Mari~ Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Always seems like it's something dosen't it. I'm thankful to have you all! ((God Bless You & Yours))

    Hangininthere~ Thank you hun for your faithful continued prayers and always remembering my Dad & Family in prayer. ((God Bless & Love to You and Yours))

    Judy~ What a sweetheart you are! Thank you hun for your continued prayers. I deeply have been missing you and all my wonderful friends here. I'm always thinking & praying for you all even when im not here! Continued "Prayers Going Up" :) ((God Bless you Judy & Yours))

    Shirl~ Thank you hun for your continued prayers and for always giving good advise. You always look out for us!! I just took my last dose of antibiotics today, they had me on such a strong dose, well over 2,000 mg a day. I messed up and didn't start taking my probotics right away, but I have now started them and hope to feel better soon. Sending the hubby out for more yogurt!! I know you have been going through so much as well and I pray your mind is more at ease. You have my continued Prayers Shirl!
    God Bless
    ((Love & Hugs))

    My kidney stones have yet to pass, I may have to have the surgery where they go in and get them, still have hope that they will pass.
    The boil they cut open is slowly healing, but still has me a little worried especially being on my breast and the way the infection spread so far around. I go back to the doc at the end of the week, there keeping a close eye on it.

    Thank you All for your support and Prayers!!
    God Bless & Love to All