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    I am sitting here with hardly any sleep last night. I had a major flare yesterday on top of being sick will some kind of cold or flu. Obstacles came at me it left and right it made it seem like all day yesterday, but I presevered through it!

    Thank you,Lord for yet another day! Thank you for being with me last night when I read Psalms 69 and hearing my prayer this morning....

    The major incident came from my youngest daughter who just turned eighteen I find out she is talking to a recruitor and is thinking about enlisting.

    That did it. Talking about very confused. I don't know which one of us.... me or her is the most confused. Seems to me...I will call that a tie....

    I am so torn over this even think I might lose my daughter to it...

    Please pray for me!

    Blessings to you and your family,
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    If I were in your shoes I would be sharing the same emotions. We try hard to bring up our families, and then they reach the age they need to live their own lives. I have found that mothering doesn't cease, no matter their age.

    It is very hard to watch as they make decisions, having no power to really change them....... but hoping no mistakes will be made.

    Please feel my hand reach out to you...... I know how hard it is to reliquish our mother skills. I pray your daughter makes the decision that is right for her, and that God is holding her hand 24/7.

    Prayers for you both and your family. I am speaking here in very generic terms as I don't wish to state my own personal feelings about the war. Bless all our people who are there. God speed them safely home.
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    the prayers for me and my family. I guess that is what is happening. It is hard to let go and watch on the side lines.

    Guess it is a reality check for me.

    Blessing s to you my friend,
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    I am lifting you and your daughter up now and I pray that God will give you both peace as to His direction for her life. Letting go of someone we love is one of the hardest things God asks of us I think. I also pray that you will feel better physically. Not being able to sleep is the worst. I am having some major challenges in that area too. Take care and God Bless you.

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    You are right webintrig, that is a tough one to answer

    We have been over there so long and lost so many. It seems that no one could be talking to God if we have to keep going over there, but our President says that he is leaving the decission of having our soldiers over there to the commanders. I know people don't like the president much, but I do believe he talks to God and asks for help through all this. I don't know how we will ever win this war against terrorism and since I don't think we will win because evil is everywhere, I don't know the answer.

    I will pray for your daughter though, I would be so torn too if one of my sons said they wanted to go over there. It is a hero type attitude and one to be proud of, but they are your sons or daughters and we love them and want them to be around.

    God Bless you

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    all for being there in my time of need. You truly speak wise words.

    That is why I was confused because I losted my brother 3 years ago defending the streets here on our soil and it was a
    true nightmare...but I have came to realize it was his time and was became to realize how happy he must be and is in such a better place now than we are.
    My brother truly is and was a hero and so are some others I know out there in this world and on our streets and are away from thier loves ones and I guess I should have realized this same attitude and quality would be parting in my daughter.

    I am understanding better today and have learn to let go and leave it in the Lord's hands after all if I didn't ever do that I would not be here typing...

    This disease that some of us have here really...gets overwhelming at times....I just glad I have you all my friends by God's grace in you in his site...

    Dancing like nobody is watching,

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