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    I am rejoicing and praising God due to the fact he has helped me find my real father. We have been looking for him for 30 yrs and found him online through a people search site. I have not seen him for about 50 yrs.

    Now things become weird. My husband and father have the same first name. It was my husband who suggested the online search site. It turns out that he lives less then 70 miles from my husband's family in Washington state. However, we are broke and barely have enough money to make ends meet (both seeking SSDI, hubby gets a small Va disability and pension. ) We prayed about it and wow, his sister calls out of the blue and said, you are going to Washington, as I will give you the money.

    Praise the Lord. We flew to Washington state, to meet his family (which I have not met since we just got married) and my dad. I was more nervous then a mouse in a cat's cage at a pet shop. I had a million thoughts going through my mind plus the fear of rejection. We landed in Seattle Sept5th and drove 70 miles and met my dad. Oh, it was better then I could ever dream of.

    I told dad, nothing from the past is important as our lives begin today. We were able to have a webcam conference with my twin in Tennessee and a chat with my older brother too, as their are three of us kids.

    All went well until I got home. For some reason, my twin sister is telling dad lies about me, being mean to me and even went as far as blocking my emails and phone number after sending me a letter, telling me I am not welcome in her home any more. She has tried to turn dad against me and he acts like she is telling the truth and I am lying.

    So I talked things out with my brother who told dad not to believe sis and not to get in the middle of things since sis was just being jealous. He spoke with dad and told him to call me. My dad called me and told me he understood and won't be the middle of this problem. But the next sentence he ask me why I was being mean to sis.

    I just told then both, I love then too much to argue over this and wont, to drop it and move on. Sis just replied I am still not welcome and maybe she will call me every few weeks and tell me how she is doing, maybe not.

    I am heartbroken, as I thought sis and I were close. She has allot of problems and every few weeks blows up over anything and everything. As a nurse I know she is bipolar. She wont seek help and all I can do is pray.

    Pray for me to have the strength to endure all this and what may happen in the future. As I have depression, FMS, CMP, Arthiritis, RLS and a lot of other health problems. (I am also in therapy.) Pray that both my sister and my dad that they will drop the past and the hurt it caused.

    Thanks for listening, I know God answers prayers. I prayed for peace and faith to move onward.

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    Wow Deana what a story.

    Did you know you had a twin sister? Do you know why she may be jealous of you finally finding your family?

    I think your story is so amazing because I too have been looking for Biological family since I was in my early 30's and have had no luck. I have never met my biological mother or father. I would be amazed to even find out where they live at this point I think

    I am so sorry for what you are going through now that you have found your dad though. I will pray things get better for you

    Please let us know

    God Bless
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    That is quite some story. I am sorry that you suffer. Families can be so hurtful. All my life I stood in front of the greeting cards for Mother's day and thought... nothing here that sounds like mine.

    I was 49 and finally had a rebellion , the emotional abuse had to stop. I am now 62 and she is 84. She is still evil, was stealing her dying sisters collectible things that were worth money.

    I hope your situation doens't end the way mine did. I had to sever things. Actually my mother severed things with me. It is hard to live with, but it beats long distance calls daily with her insisting I be there , blah, blah.

    I hope your dad stands by you. I always thought having a twin meant having a best, best friend. Obviously I am wrong. I hope things change. You are in a very hurtful situation. Prayers for you Deana.
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    that you have found your dad.

    Prayers do get answered!

    From what you wrote I think you handled everything very well.

    Yes, it sounds like your sis is jealous and I know it probably hurt when your dad ask that question.

    You said the right thing and as far as sis goes, it is her problem she will have to deal with it not you.

    You don't need this type of stress in your life so leave it in the Lord's hands and pray for her.

    This is the way I have to deal and handle my family as I have had similar issues with them and I pray and leave it to the Lord.

    I hope this makes sense and helps,
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    and hope that your sister's interfering won't make a difference.Linda
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    unfortunately, when good things happen the devil always has to interfere. you are very lucky and your sister needs to be happy too. she cant be right now. let it go. sometimes by ignoring people they will realize exactly what they are missing. the love of a sister!

    keep praying and i will pray also. sometimes when you find happiness others want to take it away. its not an easy world.

    God Bless You and your family.
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    I am letting it go, to worry over this would only cause more pain then I care to have. I have known my older brother and twin always, we were never seperated. I know how sis is too, she has these little fits (as I call them.) I just need to leave her be let her stew and she will realize she has done wrong. If not, its her problem not mine.

    It will not affect my relationship with my dad, as all three of us kids did not know where he was for 50 yrs. He calls each of us every weekend. I just tell him, I do not care what sis has told him and I wont put him in the middle. Nor will I make him chose sides there is enough of his love for us all. I myself love to share, God's love and his. Thanks for your prayers, they help.

    It is in His Hands........Deana.