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    I have had fibromyalgia for about 3 years now. It continues to get worse. I am recently remarried to a wonderful man and he has custody of his two boys, that live with us, aged 15 and 8. I too have one son that still lives with us and he is 19 years old. I have had a full time job all my life, the past almost 8 years working a great job at Duke University. The job has great benefits and the pay is pretty good as well.

    I have always struggled financially being a single mom for about 17 years, with no child support from my ex. Who owes us back support in the amount of approximately $13,000.00. I have tried everyway possible over the years to get him to pay the support he owes, to no avail.

    Also, on April 27th my cousin died very unexpectidly in a motorcycle accident. Then on June 30th my mom and I found my brother, 43 years old dead in his bed. He died of heart failure, this has caused severe depression and a lot of anger. I was not prepared or ready for him to go. Then about 4 weeks ago my cat of only 9 years old was diagnosed with cancer. The vet said that it was the worse case he had ever seen. I lost him about a week later. I love my animals and I am really suffering from the loss.

    Because of the pain that I am currently in on a daily basis, I have missed a lot of work. I am on family medical leave, to be used as needed. All day or hours whichever is needed. My boss has recently started talking to me about disability. My doctor's feel that I am just going through a really hard time right now and things could possibly get better.

    I did finally talk my GP doctor to run blood test to test for other things, Lymme Disease, Lupus and so forth because I am at the point that I can hardly get out of bed at this time. The doctor started me on new medications, while waiting on the tests results. She also requested that I stay out of work for the next two weeks and rest.

    This really puts us in a big financial bind, with Christmas coming up and three kids to purchase for. Also, our everyday bills. I have no vacation or sick time left because of the fibromyalgia and the times that I have come in late or not at all because of the pain.

    I need your prayers for God to bring me peace with all the death that I have experienced, and for me as far as do I fight to get to go out on disability (how will we survive for 4 months of more while I wait to get disability) and for our current financial situation.

    Sorry for the long post. I tried to break it up so that it would be easier to read. :)

    Thanks in advance for all your prayers.
    Bev ^)^

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    Dear Bev I pray that the Lord will come to you in a special way and wrap his loving arms around you and let you know that he is with you through all of your sorrow. That you will feel his presence and that you will know that you are truly a daughter of the King. I pray that he will help you with your anxiety about your money situation and that he will give you peace about what you are suppose to do in the future. God I ask that you will provide for the needs of Bev and her family during this time and for a healing touch in her heart and in her life. You feed the birds of the air and clothe the lillies in the field and you care so much more about us, your children. May you come to this precious family in a special way and may you supply every need in every member of this family. May they truly know that they are your children and feel your love for them. Help them in all their decisions now and in the future and we will continue to Praise your Name never forgetting that you are the very reason we live. In your precious and Holy name we pray all of these things, Father. Amen.

    I will continue to pray daily for you and your family and know that God will honor your prayers and love for him.

    Gentle Hugs and prayers,


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    Hi, I am just checking on you to make sure you are doing ok. I hope that things are showing signs of getting better for you and your family. You are all in my prayers everyday. I know that it is hard enough with the diseases that you suffer from but then to add all of the stress from the tragedies you have suffered just magnifies everything.

    I know that God will help you, just reach out to him and have faith that he will make things better for you. Sometimes it doesn't come right away or in the way we want it but I know that he will answer your prayers.

    My thoughts are with you today.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern. My test really did not show anything, except my white blood cell count is still high and my SED rate is still high. But nothing else. My PCP is finally listening to me and it looks like she is actually caring.

    She told me on Friday that she wants me to be out of work and try for disability. Now this opens up a new can of worms, so to speak. I have used all my vacation, sick time with the fibro. already and it will be atleast 13 weeks of no pay to apply for the disability.

    I have three sons and with Christmas coming and two of them have birthdays in December. It is mind boggling how this will work. I can see that this is putting so much stress on my husband already. He is very supportive and understanding but he is very worried how we will survive.

    I hope and pray that during this time God will brings us all closer together and that Satin will not cause this trying time to pull us apart.

    Please continue to pray for us, as this will be a very difficult time.

    Thanks again for all the prayers and support. You guys are a very special group and I thank GOD for you.

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    I am so sorry to hear that it will be a difficult time for you the next several months. I will continue to pray that God will work everything out for you and that your entire family will be strengthend through this time. It is difficult when you have children at Christmas time and don't have any money, I know. I have had that happen before years ago and all my friends were so good to us and supplied a wonderful christmas for the boys. I was so grateful for their support and help.

    Do you have anyone to lean on during this time? Any family, friends, etc. It helps to have someone close at hand just to be near you.

    I hope that in spite of your financial difficulties you will all be drawn closer together because of the true meaning of Christmas and that God will be close to you all.

    Gentle Hugs and prayers to you and your family,