Prayers of the Righteous and the not so righteous.

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    My crown is a little crooked there and I am even being audactious to "wear a crown". As all should know, this worship forum is for all who believe in a higher power, even if yours has no name.

    I just heard dreadful news out of Deseret, Utah, that a party has breeched the facility that works on defusing our chemical arsenal and in particular nerve gas....this same day I read of our dear Church Leader blessing a Temple in Nauvou. What a confusing world in which we live. Those of us who follow the teachings and prophesies of Jesus know the time will come of a one-world government led by Christ himself at the head; yet we hear from some of the secular leaders their brand of one-world government and it is very hart to sort through.

    Tonight my son, 10, and I will hold hands and pray for all of you who come and go to the forums I participate in; those we have gotten to know, our prayer will be more specific; and those who have chosen not to participate for the time being, we will be praying for you. Our prayers will of course pray for healing and discernment concerning your free will to chose your course. We will pray that we as a group will receive messages of hope for treatments and cures. We need to pray also for a medical system in the USA where all can get the relief they desperately must have to fight this thing and that is relief from pain. I got one prescription picked up today and its cost for one month was $316.00. I am to tell you, without my being on SSI, I would not be getting that particular medication! Neurotin is one I take and is very expensive. Pray for relief and an answer for America so all can be helped.

    Thank you good folk for listening to me go on. Love. CactusLil'
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    I do believe you hit all the bases Lil, will simply pray over your entire post.

    I am all for that One World Goverment with Christ as the Head!

    Revelation; 22:20 'He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. A'-men. Even so, come, Lord Jesus'.

    Shalom, Shirl