Prayers of the Righteous.

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    This is a simple request
    pray our Father willdo his best;
    dear William now has scoliosis
    and his father is still lurking...
    ...terrorizing and joking.
    CPS with their would-be might
    has called and called but still tis' night.
    This is the second case one has opened
    but yet the information from doctors,
    lawmen and others arn't showing.
    Sadly my daughters are again protesting
    my faith in action and the Lord professing.
    Together they called from this man's abode...
    playing a caliopy and a toilet flushing.
    Sworn to kill my son and I
    the Mormons, Catholics, elderly and sigh....
    all who give birth are his targets as well,
    please dear sisters and brothers...
    pray all can be well.
    The doc said Monday Lupus was a diagnosis
    out of the blue and what a prognosis!
    However I checked and not two years ago
    a negative ANA was mine you know.
    So, please dear ones I will pray as I do
    never forgetting each one of you.
    My son needs peace and this is my prayer
    Say one for you, he needs you there.

    Love to all my dear fellows, CactusLil'