prayers or good thoughts for anxiety

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Beadlady, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Beadlady

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    prayers for this on-going not ending depression. Or maybe I'm just extremely grouchy.


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    ***A new thought came to me--I've been stressed by some things lately and I think the anxiety/stress is really wearing on me.****tk

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  2. tanere

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    When we are depressed we do get "grouchy" sometimes. It's like we don't have control of how we feel. As the song says, "I know a Man who can." We need not lean on our own understanding, but lean on Him. I have FMS so I know what depression and pain feels like. You are in my prayers. Let go of your worries and let God take control. Helping others is a great way to help ourselves feel better.
  3. Beadlady

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    I started feeling better yesterday afternoon. I think its anxiety that is really bothering me==stress.
  4. pepper

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    Dear beadlady,

    If you have never tried EFT, I really encourage you to try it. Go to Gary Craig's web site or Dr. Mercola's web site to get the instructions. It may seem like voodoo but it works! It has worked for me, for my sister and for many of my ND's patients. It is great for all types of anxiety.

    Some people on the main FM board told me about it and it took me years to actually do it. But I am so glad that I did!

    Love, Pepper
  5. Pottersclay

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    I had my first anxiety attack in a long time. I have had way too much om my plate lately.