Prayers please for daughter Karen #2/ they found another spot

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    I am rewriting this since there has been a big chance and a cancelation of the lumpectomy that was supposed to be today.

    The lumpectomy of the breast was canceled when they found and biopsied another spot. Now we wait to see how big it is and how close it is to the first spot. It sounds like it is cancerous too but if it is small and close enough to the first site maybe they can still do the Lumpectomy. If it is to big or to far away from the first site the surgery will have to be more extensive.

    They will remove some lymph nodes to for sure and will probably have 5 weeks of radiation. At least that was the original plan. Now we will see when she talks to the surgeon.

    And so we all wait some more.

    Any prayers will be most welcomed.


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    I know the prayer board is kind of deserted,not much going on. But people
    are visiting if not posting and i hope they pray.

    God Bless

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    Oh my goodness! What a hard thing to be going through. Prayers that the drs. will decide the best thing for her, and for her to get through this, knowing, that this is one of the things they can take care of today. Still scary, but hopefully she is keeping that in mind.
    Prayers for you too Granni, so hard to see children go through hard things in life.
    Love, Cynthia