Prayers please,... Grandma's not gonna make it

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by tandy, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Please pray that my grandma's passing will be gentle.
    (if there is such)
    I posted awhile back asking for prayers for her surgery on Oct 8th ,....Thank you all so much for your being here for me.
    She had a few toes removed that were infected and bad from being Diabetic for 50+ yrs.
    Seems after the operation for her toes, another worse infection set in and now the doc. think she needs the leg taken off above the knee. Grams is in alot of pain,..she is 80 yrs old. She does'nt want her leg removed and be in a wheelchair. So she is'nt going for the surgery.

    So from what I understand,....its just a matter of time now. ???? Which I have no idea how long or little time that is.
    She was also getting dialyisis for kidney failure and she wants that stopped too~ Drs say its her choice to make since she's able.
    Its selfish for me or our family to wanna keep her.But I do. This is so hard,seeing or just knowing that your days are limited with someone you love and care for deeply~
    Sorry this is long. It helps to get it out~

    I just want her suffering over~
    Keep her in your thoughts and prayers,please.
    That her passing is easy for her.

  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will be praying for her and sending positiv thoughts. Let us know how she is doing.

  3. billiegail

    billiegail New Member

    I'll keep you in my prayers.
    God bless you and your family
  4. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    I'm sending lots of prayers and hugs. Sorry for your heartache.

  5. Freedom1

    Freedom1 New Member

    Tandy, prayers are being sent to your Grandma, who seems to be at peace with her decisions. I also pray for you and your family. It is difficult to see a loved one decline but your Grandma is blessed to have Granddtr. like you to bring her needs for prayer to this board. It is good to see people show real love in that way. God be with you and yours.
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    It helps to know I have friends to keep her in their thoughts and prayers~
    I wish I knew just how long we are talking about here~
    (relatives did'nt think to ask her drs.! how dumb!)
    I would have. I just wonder in this exact situation,..what do they expect to happen. What will ultimatly cause her death? maybe I think too much.
    Maybe its best NOT knowing anything!!

    Thanks,... for your keeping my Gramms in your hearts

  7. dash

    dash New Member

    Heavenly Father,

    I pray for Tandy's grandmother. Keep her in peace and as pain free as possible in her last days. Grant her the blessing of an easy passing. Let her and her family know Your presence and feel your loving comfort.

    In Jesus' name I pray.
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Sweetie~ I'm thankful for your story,..and soooooooo very happy to hear yours.I mean,..sadness overcame me....but you are right-our situations are similar.

    Its such a tought deal to go thru is'nt it??
    I mean,...some(very few)have said to me "well,ya know,she is 80 yrs old". I know how old she is. But it does'nt matter. It does'nt make it any easier to say good-bye.
    (it somehow seems harder?? ) She's been with us so long.

    And older relatives are always so wise and helpful and loving in their ways. I know how bad I will miss her.

    I layed down for my map today and could'nt even rest. The tears just kept coming!! and she is'nt even gone yet!! But I feel as tho I already have lost her.
    But one relative said today, could be anytime,...from now to 4 months from now.
    I'm so grateful you shared your strength & story with me.
    I know it took alot to go thru losing your special friend/grandma~ I'm tellin ya,..nothing beats a gram huh!?
    Will keep you all posted on her condition as I know and see it.

    Thank-you all for your kindness~

  9. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    I'm so sorry about your Gran. Grandparents are always such special people - I only ever really knew two of mine but I loved them dearly.

    It sounds to me as if your Gran has accepted that her time on this earth is nearly up and, in your deep sadness, I hope you can be there for her to accompany her on these last parts of her journey. I find many of the older people I minister to have a very profound sense of when it is time to go but for those who remain, the letting go is so horribly painful. Of course you want to keep her with you always - she's special and you love her dearly.

    Cry as much as you want - it is the way to release the deep sadness you feel. Bravery gets no awards at such time - I sense how deeply you are hurting and it's natural and understandable. Your Gran will leave a great legacy of love to you when she does finally go on to the place God has prepared for her and it is that very love which brings your heart to breaking point now.

    As the next few weeks unfold I shall pray that you will find comfort and strength in our Lord. He knows the pain of watching a loved-one die and he offers you his hand to hold as you walk along this route. Be strong in him and your spiritual strength will be a comfort and encouragement to your Gran.

    I pray that she will, indeed, have a peaceful and easy release from all that troubles her and I pray that you will be able to draw strength and comfort from God and from those around you when her time on earth finally ends.

    God bless and love
    Music Teacher (UK)
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I pray also that you will be able to hold her hand as she goes home. Think of that word.....Home. That's what we all really want. To be in heaven with our LOrd forever. This world is such a hard place to live. We are given friends and relations to help us along our way, so we can learn our lessons and grow, but when we have learned all we can, there is a yearning in all of us to leave our worn out shell and go where there is incredible love waiting for us.

    I want to tell you of a time years ago when a close friend's father had passed suddenly of brain tumor. They were a very strong Christian family and bravely watched as they father went from a strong, healthy person to dying, all in the space of l2 weeks. When I went to the funeral I cried hard for him and for the family. Then after awhile, as the service progressed, I realized I was the only one crying. They were holding a "celebration" of his life and they were joyful thru their pain that their loved one was now safe in the loving arms of Jesus.
    I came away from that funeral with such peace and understanding of what this life is all about. I will pray for you to get through this.

    Take care, and God bless your Grandma and you.
  11. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    Thanks for such an inspirational posting. It really lifted me after a long, tiring day on God's work.

    Thanks again
    Music Teacher (UK)
  12. tandy

    tandy New Member

    MusicTeacher and
    Sunflower~ Your replys mean everything to me.

    She(grams) seems ok with where she is right now.
    NH that is. And seems ok or ready to go Home.
    We're not sure how long that is. The drs. have'nt said.
    But I'm assuming with her ending dialysis and she has barely no kidney function without it,..... It could'nt be that long. ????? weeks,..months??? who knows.
    I'm now wondering if theres a way to take her into my home and care for her the remaining time? (very hard I'm sure) But I just feel I need to do something!!
    I feel helpless~
    Enough of that,.....
    I really just wanted to acknowledge your kind words,and all. Thanks again :)

  13. mjgkennedy

    mjgkennedy New Member

    Hi Tandy, know what you are going through as I buried my mother on Saturday. I still cant believe she is gone and to a better place. They call this earth the valley of tears, and boy are they right.

    Praying for you

    God Bless,
  14. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    Just wondering how things are with your grandma?

    Music Teacher (UK)
  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thank-you for asking hunny~
    My Grams passed away on Oct 24th. :(

    She was suffering so badly in the end.
    But all in all she did'nt suffer too long.

    All her treatments were stopped and she was sent home to die. She lasted 9 days. 4 of them not to bad, least she could talk,eat,understand,etc...
    Then it was downhill fast from there~
    As crushed as I feel, was a blessing that she went fast~
    She was so brave~
    She will always be missed and loved beyond my words~

    Thanks for remembering us :)
  16. readalot

    readalot New Member

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother. It is hard, even though her suffering is over. Grand parents are so special in our lives. My granddad died when I was 42 years old. He was 87. It is a long time to have a grandparent. I spent more time with him toward the end. I am glad that I did. He too wanted to die. It was hard on me, and the rest of the family. Yet we repected how he felt. He suffered so much, and his quality of life was decreasing. He was a fighter before. It was 7 and a half years ago. It still is hard, but I have many memories of him. When things change in town, I would wonder what he would think.

    I will be praying for you and your family at this time.

    May God bless you and keep you each day.

  17. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Its nice to get replys from all of you's~
    Human compassion! where would this world be without it!?
    Believe me,..your posts help me get thru this.

    It IS hard. Ya know,..I've had some people ask about her and when I say she passed away. They ask her age (which was 80) and they don't think so sympathetic anymore.
    I hear "oh,80,well she lived a long time".
    I know its probably normal thinking.??
    But its never easy losing a person you love, even when they're elderly.

    Thanks again!! Your words of caring are needed~

  18. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    that your grandma died but I guess I'm also thanking God that her passing was relatively swift and easy for her. That is an answer to prayer PTL.

    It must be very hard for you and I pray for your comfort at this sad time. The loss of a relation we have loved is never easy to come to terms with. Just be assured that she is now at peace in the beautiful place our Lord prepared for her.

    He's with you too now, giving you comfort and his grace in your sadness. Draw strength from him and, if you can, the knowledge that many continue to pray for you to walk through this difficult time in peace.

    God bless
    Love, hugs and prayers
    Music Teacher (UK)
  19. me123

    me123 New Member

    I will be praying for your Grandmother and your family.
  20. dash

    dash New Member

    I will be praying for you, as you and your family walk this path of loss. Having lost both of my grandmothers when they were in their eighties, I believe it's just as painful as losing them at a younger age. You've had more time to develop an adult relationship with them and the bond is even stronger.

    You end up being caught between thanksgiving that they are no longer suffering and pain that you will be separated until your own passing.

    God bless,