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    I didnt even realize this board was on here. I have been a memeber of the fibromyalgia one for a long time.

    Please pray for Carrie Ballard. She had a liver transplant on friday, and the liver they gave her was not the right size, but the doctor said that her liver was only working at 5%, and if they didnt use it, she would be dead in 2 weeks.

    So far so good. She did have a massive amount of infection, and the doctors said it was just about the worse they have seen.

    Her son Matt is a friend of my sons. We have known Matts dad since the mid 70's. Matt is also a diabetic like I am, and his was diagnosed a age 9, hes now 25. Anyway he is having a lot of stress, so his sugars are running high right now, so say a prayer for him also.

    Thanks so much for all of your prayers. God bless, Julie
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    Father I ask in Jesus could You please come in the middle of this situation. Please come and pour Your ressurrection life into this girl's body now from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet.Could You also please reveal anything else that may be hidden in her medical condition. Could You please move in such a supernatural way in this situation that people will know that it is You who has done this. Please bring Your peace to all those who are involved in this situation especially to Matt could You please lower his sugars. So Father I commit these people and this situation to You and thank you for intervening in this situation, In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Dear, there is no need to be a member of this board to ask for prayers. No such membership exists. Please know that you may only get a few written replies, but that many eyes will see and many hearts will pray. Not all have the time and strength to write.

    I ask God the Father to hold Carrie up, to let this new liver work, to purify her blood, to heal her. I ask that pain be minimal, and progress rapid. And God, please watch over her son with his diabetes and give Julie the added strength she needs to aide in this situation.

    Lord, make the healing time pass quickly and restore Carrie. And, Father we give thanks and ask solace for the donor family as their lives are uprooted.

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    Lord please show your presence with Carrie. Heal her infections Lord and casue her liver to start working properly. She is your daughter Lord and we ask that since you are the Great Physician also that you heal your daughter. We praise you Lord for your mercy and grace and thank you for your healing.
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    Thanks so much for your prayers. God is good, and I know he can make this even better than we can ever imagine.
    God bless each and everyone of you, Julie