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    Hi Everyone,
    Today has been especially hard today for me. I am having constant back spasms in the middle part of my back and burning between my shoulder blade to the bottom part of neck. I am also in flare and recovering from 2 nerve blocks in my hips.
    My dr. ordered an MRI on the bottom part of my spine and the middle part where I am having so much pain. Well, guess what? The Tech of the MRI did not see the order of the middle part of my back.
    So now I am having to get another MRI open for the middle part of my back. I am cluster phobic but I will wing it this time. Of course we are asking them to paid for this trip! That is going to be exciting to watch! LOL...They even fax the edvince to us showing thier mistake!
    My mental evaluation came in and to my family dr. and of course they can't tell me anything over the phone so I have to make an apointment just to tell me I might be crazy...hmmm... LOL!
    Lastly, but not leastly I filed yet a second time for SSD. Aren't they just too much fun! The jury is still out on that, not that I would get enough money from them a month to cover all these mounting medical bills and meds., but it sure would help!
    Well, I really am needing some prayers right now and I am emotionally drain. I am taking one day at a time and I am praying for better days for me!
    I am truly blessed to be able to come here and have the most wonderful and caring people in this world as yourself that will pray for me! Your so special to me and dear to my heart!


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    and they did help me immensely! I am calm and giving it all to the Lord!

    I use to take Mag. but stop. I will start taking it again.
    Thanks for the reminder. The brain fog clouds everything.

    I just moved here to this place and have no family here and I am basically home bound so all the above stuff just got me. Medical industry! {I am shaking my head!} And to think I was once part of it! hmmm...what happen to it?

    Where there is two more praying for you the Lord is there listening!

    Thank both you for praying for me to renew my strength and set me back on the right path.


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    Thanks for understanding and relating. I am so happy you replied. I got bad news today but your reply made me happy again and full of
    I am so proud of you and things that your doing and have accomplished.
    For what you are doing now for yourself and as well as the awareness you helping get out there for our conditions we have as well as for others!
    You my friend are making awareness for all of us and I thank you for that.
    The bad news today was that SSD deny me again for a second time by saying my condition of fibromyaglia and osteoparosis was not severe enough for a less demanding job for me to do...of course they didn't offer up any jobs they thought I could do.
    Well, I am appealing their decision and I am not going away.
    Apparently they don't know me well enough.
    Well, of course now I am in a flare but remember a flare is not
    So any plans to go home for the holidays? anyone coming to see you?
    If I could I would be there...I am in spirit..sis...
    Well, stay warm and know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

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    I pray for you dear. You sound alone, scared, and aggravated, which I would be also. I pray that some soft hearted tech offer you some tidbit to ease your mind. I pray that the time passes quickly , would be nice for you to find out disability coming your way before the new year.

    Blessings and prayers.
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    Father please come with Your peace into the middle of this situation. Please give this lady peace and calm and the right perspective. Please help her to know that You are very present in the midst of this situation. Please make a way where there seems to be no way. Please open the doors that need to be opened and please give her favor where it is needed. Please meet her every need, physical, emotional and spiritual. Please surround her with people who will love her and encourage her at this time. Thank you. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    I will pray that your situation will improve and that your disability will come through for you. I am sure the waiting must be the hardest part.

    I had an MRI and had not elected to take the valium or whatever they give you to relax as I was by myself, out of town and had to drive back home.

    I had only had an open MRI before this one so this was really my first experience with the closed one. Of course I knew some people have trouble and I started thinking too much about that and when I was inside and I opened my eyes I started to panic. I knew I needed this MRI desperately and I knew if I told the nurse I was panicking that I would have to postpone it and I didn't want to do that. So I didn't say anything.

    I made myself mentally going through each day of the week and what I had to do etc. By the time I got to the end of the week it was over. I praise God for giving me the idea of doing this.

    You might want to try that tactic. Going through verses and chapters of the Bible would be a better mental exercise than my duties for the week however.

    That is a real bummer that they goofed up and didn't do all they were supposed to do. I was having a CT scan a few years ago and they had just injected me with the dye and I had just been in the tube a few minutes and it broke. That was an interesting experience. I laid in there while they got on the phone to someone out of state that talked them through the whole thing and it was working eventually so I could finish the test.

    I am sure we all have many stories we could tell.

    Take care and I sure hope that things look up for you. I have been praying for you since you posted recently.

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    Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!
    I got through the MRI and it wasn't so bad. I just kept praying and praying inside.
    I am so tiny that thing swallowed me like Johah and the whale....did I get that one right..hehe!
    I know my situation could be worse because it has one time in my I am just going to keep praying and wait...practicing my patience and most of all faith!
    Well, I got to go get back into the word again...until next time...

    Love ya,

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    that you get to go home and to I am there!
    Have wonderful and safe holiday my friend!
    Love to ya sis,

    To All:
    I want to thank everyone for the encourgement and prayers it means alot to me and I am so happy we have this board and you as my friends!

    Have a great holiday!

    PS. Dr. says I can eat all I want...ok this is not a food fight here! No throwing food at me! LOL!

    I will be praying for all of you over the holidays to have a safe and "Happy" one.