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    My youngest daughter was just married in Sept. She and her husband were hoping to start a family right away, but she found out she had precancerous cervical tissue. Her last test, after treatment was still not good.

    Then she had a mole on her arm that came on quite suddenly. When she showed it to me I said she needed to have it removed immediately because I didn't like the looks of it. Well, she did, and got the results back today. It's melanoma. She has to go back in and have more tissue removed the first of next week, and go from there.

    I believe the Lord has His reasons for everything, but she and I, not to mention her hubby, are all having a hard time with this.

    Please pray that her test comes back okay, and that they might still be able to have the family they want. He's 29, and wants to have kids soon. Thank each and every one of you for your concern and prayers.***Jole***
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    What great friends!

    Tiggy, thank you. My mother also lit candles for continuous prayer....I still miss her and she has been gone 4 years now.

    I still pray your heart will accept whatever the future holds and God's will asks of you. Stay strong!

    BDTMU, Prayers in numbers do hold more power, so thank you also, and hope things are going well for you.

    Crystal, Bless you for your wonderful prayer!

    Georgia, thank you for the encouragement. I don't think hers has reached that level yet, so hopefully she will do well with just the know us moms worry double time and I seem to be doing better at turning things over to God, but it doesn't always work.

    Prayers that your situation is going well also! :)

    Thank you all...she has a strong faith, as does her husband, but as a mother I worry that they may be tried too much. ***Jole***
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    Dear Lord ,
    Please take away all the cancer and declare Jole's daughter cancer free for the rest of her earthly life.

    You love us with such a pure and peaceful love , Lord and I pray that Jole's family feels that peace right now.

    Please , Lord , take away all stress and give this family the peace that passes all understanding and let them know that You are there for them through anything that happens in thier lives.

    In Jesus Holy name ,
    Amen and Amen

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    And no one will ever convince me that God doesn't answer prayers!

    My daughter went back for another check up and was told that yes, it is a melanoma, but is considered a juvenile melanoma, which is not to the stage of being malignant yet and they feel they got it all.

    Honestly, I thought all melanomas were malignant, but after reading up on the juvenile ones, I feel they were right. Our hearts are at ease....thanks to all of your prayers and the Lord's mercy and love!
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    It's always so scarey when it's our kids that have the problems. Praying for good results!

    Take care,
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    Prayers to your daughter.