Prayer's Requested for My Son (and My Family)

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    At Mikie's suggestion in response to my board on the main message board, I've copied my note to this board. It goes as follows: "This is going to be a long post, but I need to explain my situation in some detail. For those that have been active on these message boards for over 18 months, I was the dentist whose initial posting essentially said that I had reached my breaking point and was contemplating suicide. Within 24 hours I received 17 replies to my cry for help. Since then, the flare that I was in finally subsided, and I had a fairly long period of better sleep and less pain. I'm in another major flare right now (cause unknown), but that's NOT why I am posting this message. My younger son, who some of you might remember was awarded a total of $84,00 in academic aid after finishing #6 in his class in high school, spent this summer as a camp counselor at a Salvation Army Camp just north of Baltimore. Everything was going well, and my son had just one more week to work, and two more weeks before returning to college for his sophomore year, when tragedy struck on Friday. My son and three other couselors took a group of about 25 boys on a wilderness hike that ended in the woods adjacent to one of the reservoirs which provides drinking water to the city of Baltimore. While most of the children were eating lunch, about ten of the boys decided to go swimming in the reservoir. Two of the boys were about 40 yards from shore when one of them apparently developed cramps, and began to struggle. His friend, who weighs about 60 pounds less than the boy who was struggling, screamed for help while trying , unsuccessfully, to keep his friend above the surface of the water. My son, who was the counselor closest to the children, dove into the water, swam out to the point at which the drowning child was last seen, and dove repeatedly into the frigid water to try and rescue the boy. The bottom line is that the child sank to the bottom of the reservoir and died; and it took professional divers two days to find the body. The chld that died had a horrible life. He was abandoned by both parents, and was raised for a brief period by his grandparents, who both died. He has been is a state-run home for the last seven years, and for the last three years had been attending this camp. He was an advanced swimmer, so we just don't know precisely what caused him to drown. I would like prayers to be offered for this boy. I would also like prayers to be offered for my son, that this incident, for which he feels responsible, but which in actuality was a tragic accident that he in no way could prevent, will not ruin him for the rest of his life. He is a very caring and sensitive person, and I'm desperately afraid that this incident will leave a permanent and horrible scar. The television coverage of this tragedy has just been brutal, and my son saw a fair amount of it, despite our attempts to shield him from it. And to show you how people are, since this boy died, all of a suddent there are dozens of people who claim to be his parents, grandparents, and assorted cousins, uncles, and aunts. About the only good thing that has happened since Friday is that the police, after interviewing the counselors, declined to press criminal charges. Thanks for reading!" Thank you all in advance for your thoughts, good wishes, and prayers. My family is most appreciative of all the support that this board offers, and I know from my prior participation in this site that the folks on this message board have a direct and ongoing connection to God Almighty.
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    How terribly sad, I am so very sorry for your son and your family.

    I have no words to offer you, but I do know and believe our Lord can heal a brokenheart as well as a broken body and spirit.

    For reasons only know to the Lord He took this child home to Himself. Its so sad that the news and people made such a terrible issue over something that sounds like nothing more than a horrific accident, with no blame to anyone.

    I will be paying for your boy, and for you and your family also.

    As for the little fellow that is gone, he needs no prayer, his life is now with the Lord, in perfect peace and in His loving arms.

    You take care and we will continue to pray for all concerned.

    Yes, I remember you and let me say that I am glad to see you back on the board, but am sorry about this terrible accident.

    God bless, and keep all of you.

    Shalom Alechem,


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    I am so sorry to hear that your son has to be a victim of the press.
    I am so very proud to see that he had the courage and strength to do what needed to be done. That deserves recongition. He worked diligently with only a thought for the other person, never himself. I praise him for that.

    I pray that God will comfort him, and show him that he was working for HIM at the time. Your son was doing what the Lord God expected from him. We don't understand sometimes "why" things happen, but your son was not to blame, he should be commended for his service and for his unselfishness to serve God.

    I will be praying that the Holy Spirit surrounds his tender heart, and comforts and heals. I pray that the Lord will give him the encouragement to continue his wonderful ministry with young people, and to somehow use this for His glory. I don't have an answer of "how" this could be a ministry to someone else...or "how" it could be used for Gods Glory, only God can show him that. I will pray that God show him how he can use this, and not let Satan tell him lies through guilt, and shame, and "being the cause"...those are lies from the pit of Hell!

    I pray for the heart of a father that hurts for his son, and pray that God will give you wisdom and strength to encourage, and to help him face all those shadows that try to cloud his mind and heart.

    Please keep us posted on him, so we can continue to pray. I will be thinking of you as you comfort your son.

    May the Lord Bless and Keep you,
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    Hi everyone. It's been about 96 hours since the tragic incident involving my son, and things are starting to settle down. My son is holding up very well---he has gotten a decent amount of sleep, is eating well, and has spent many of his waking hours with his friends, who are very supportive. The media has moved on to other stories---no doubt making other people's lives a living hell! I've contacted a lawyer, who said it was unlikely that my son would be involved in the lawsuits that will certainly be forthcoming; but who will be there for us if anything occurs. The Salvation Army is bringing in counselors, from their Atlanta headquarters, who will be meeting with my son and the other counselors latter this week. I have notified the student health officials at my son's college to keep an eye on him after he returns on 8/24/03. And of course, my wife and I are forever in your gratitude for all the kind thoughts and prayers. THANKS!!!
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    Continue to pray for all concerned, including the Salvation Army, that is a wonderful Christian group.

    Glad to hear your boy is doing well. Prayer continued to be said.

    Shalom, Shirl