Prayers urgently needed for my son

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    I just received an email from my ex-husband saying that while things seemed to be looking up yesterday, today they are not looking so great. The family whose house Kevin entered and damaged during his psychotic episode in September is quite upset. Here is a part of Pete's email to me:

    They were nasty. They claim that they have become so emotionally traumatized by what happened that they are being forced to move from this area. Put simply, they want Kevin put in jail and have no sympathy for him or for us.

    Of course, that is not going to happen, which is what is truly crazy about all of this. Mr. Kersey is going to talk to Rodway again. He is hoping that Rodway will be able to help educate them. The best thing for everyone would be for Kevin to be able to plead guilty to misdemeanors and go on probation. However, if Rodway buckles to pressure from the Doughterys once again, then we may have to go to trial.

    The Doughterys gave Mr. Kersey a deadline of next Tuesday. Hopefully, he can find a way to resolve this by then, but I am not as optimistic as I was yesterday.

    FYI, Rodway is the prosecutor and Kersey is Kevin's attorney. The Doughterys are the victims.

    Please keep Kevin in your prayers. He is making such great progress in his treatment program, but I am afraid anything negative in this situation might really set him back a long ways. Also keep the Doughterys in your prayers, that they may come to see that this was completely unintentional and is highly unlikely to occur again. I also ask prayers for Andrew Kersey, the attorney, that he will have the wisdom to bring this to a satisfactory conclusion for Kevin. Also, please pray for Dennis Rodway, the prosecutor, that he will accept Kevin's plea bargain, even if the Doughertys are not happy.

    Finally, please keep all our family in your prayers. At a time when we want to be celebrating the upcoming wedding in our family, instead we are caught in this tangle of the legal system, which at times feels like it will get the best of us.

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    Bless your heart. The legal system is so corrupt; atleast down in South Texas. I haven't a clue what happened ect. but I will be praying for you. I have been incarcerated unfairly in one of the worst city jails in Texas; also detained at a Mexican border crossing....I was a lucky one then as the female who did the cavity search did not believe I was smuggling drugs, which I wasn't, and I was so thankful she told the Mexican officials to let me pass; the others I was with were not so lucky, but they were not detained long.

    Off topic, sorry, but the injust of our system is frightening. As I said, you and your son et al. are in my prayers. Lil'
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    sending love and many blessings your way......

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    When all of your friends want to help, you can count on us to pray. There are many of your friends who don't come to this board, but are praying. Jesus asked His Father to forgive them. We pray that He will guide Denis Rodway to accept Kevin's plea bargain. I'm praying that Kevin gets the help from the Lord that he needs. I pray that the Doughtrys feel the love that is being sent to them on behalf of Keven who needs help. If the Doughtrys feel unsafe, I pray that they feel the safety in YOU GOD.
    Barbara, I'll continue to pray for all of you.
    Love and Huggs, Selma
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    im keeping kevin in my prayers
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    I am sorry to hear of the difficulties your son is going through. In AA we try to practice turning things over to God. There is nothing that God cannot heal. I will remember your family in my prayers tonight.
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    Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are praying for Kevin and your family. We also pray that the other family will feel the prayers and will realize that Kevin didn't intentionally cause the hurt.
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    Hi Barbara, I wanted to post you a message and let you know that ever since i 1st read your post I've been praying for you ,your son and family.God Bless.Keep looking up....Danisue