Prayers were answered! My test update

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisadot, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Pheew! It's been a long couple of days. I was so worried about my pancreas and/or gallbladder.

    I decided to call my doc this evening, because I just couldn't wait another day! He came to the phone, and told me I had some gallstones. They were small, which is why I didn't notice them during the ultrasound. He says I passed one, and that's why my pancreas got inflamed. He said I need to have my gallbladder removed as soon as it's convenient. He also saw a small bruise on my liver, but wasn't concerned.

    I still feel really lousy, and sorta feverish. He said it will pass as soon as my pancreas calms down. My belly is sore, and so is my back. And of course, my fibro aches are worse, no doubt because of the stress.

    But I am alive! And I will survive! And I wish I had a better ability to calm myself. I guess too much baggage in the family illness dept. I can go from A-Z in a heartbeat. Really dumb.

    Anyhow, I want to thank you all for your support, and tolerance of me while I was rapidly spinning out of control. You guys are the best.

    For now, I must say goodbye to Ben & Jerry - at least until after the operation. I don't ever want to experience anymore bouts of abdominal pain like I've had. I have to deal with eating low fat, because there is no choice.

    No wonder my husband said to me, as he was combing lice eggs out of hair, at least it's not cancer. No kidding.


  2. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    glad to hear that all is ok! Well, sorta, you know what I mean! Yes, God does answer prayer! If only we could learn to give it over to Him much sooner we wouldn't put ourselves thru so much extra pain!
    I am so very happy and relieved for you!
  3. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Gallbladder pain to me feels like gastritis, but worse. If you'd not had gastritis, it's like a fire in your upper chest, right between where your ribcage comes together in the middle. The pain also (or can) goes straight through to the back, and I can also feel it under the ribs on my right side. It comes in waves. And this time seemed to make me REALLY feel weak.

    It also tends to come after eating something with a lot of fat in it. So if in doubt, be careful. I sure hope you don't have it.

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I hope you dont have to wait long for op.

    Yes be careful of what you eat as it can bring on an attack.

  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm so glad that you got your test results in and know you know what you are facing.

    When do you plan to have your gallbladder surgery?

    And ... how is the hair situation going?????

    Take care,

    Hugs, Janet
  6. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Would you please say hello to Dear Sweet old Ben and Jerry there good old pals (lol)

    I am happy you don't have to have an opperation at this moment, but do watch it!

    Take care,

  7. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Would make a better name for a rock group, instead of my conditions!

    Well, I'm trying to schedule surgery, but can't seem to get in with the surgeon. Am pleading the "I'm a sick nurse" routine, otherwise have to wait until November 8th to see the doctor! His receptionist is going to see if he will open up something in his calendar for me. I can't wait until November. I'm still in pain, and don't want to deal with this anymore.I think I'll call the office one more time, because the day is almost over (after 3pm) and I bet they leave soon.

    As far as the friggen lice, ugh! My husband pulled two more eggs out of my hair last night. He thinks they were just old ones he missed. I dunno, I'd say I'm scratching my head over this, but it's not really funny. Ironic maybe, but not funny. I've been using tea tree oil in my shampoo, but can't handle the thought of vaseline. The ivory soap is still an option, but will it really work?? I don't really want to use the prescription stuff, and I didn't see any other non-toxic stuff around. I think they just love my hair. I should post a pic of it - my hair, not the nits.

    Off to call the doc's office again...


  8. spasco

    spasco New Member

    I had Gallstones and the consequent removal of the Gallbladder. Mine was brought on from 2 bowel resections though. I was told to expect kidney stones one fine day also! Bowel removal, the gift that keeps on giving!

    Well, I'm glad that's all it is though! Easily remedied. Praise the Lord!

    God bless! Stephanie
  9. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    If you named the band Lice and Gallstones, they would probably have a hard time attracting groupies! There I go scratching again! Sympathy scratching only.

    Take care, Lisadot!

  10. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Got to comb the nits (eggs) with fine tooth comb. Use mayonaise (another thing to use is lard or Crisco) to smother the live lice, that'll work. Put gobs of mayo on your hair, put shower cap over and let it all sit for an hour. Shampoo hair well and use comb to comb dead lice out while shampooiing.

    You will need to do this at least twice a few days apart. It's easy on the hair and actually conditions the hair.

    After treatment, check hair and comb with a nit comb to remove nits and lice every 2-3 days. Continue to check for 2-3 weeks until you are sure all lice and nits are gone.

    Others in your house may need to be treated as well.

    Also, check all bedding and place pillows or blankets in large plastic bags that zip up and are air tight. That somothers the suckers.

    Lice can get into everything, and the best thing to do is to smother when possible, or clean all items in washing machine using hot water. If some items can't be washed, send to dry cleaners. Anywhere heads lay the lice can be. Including bed, couch, pillow, carpet, or stuffed animal that has recently been in contact with an infested person., etc. etc. Vacuum sofas, floors, etc.

    These critters are becoming real public health problems.
  11. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Thanks, Jaltair. Mayonaise. Sounds benign enough for my hair, but I definitely won't be eating any until my pancreas/gallbladder calms down.

    I'm so sick of washing clothes, towels, sheets, pillowcovers etc. I've put pillows and non-washables in the hot dryer for hours.

    I can't even soothe myself with chocolate :eek:(

    Nuisance is an understatement. Somehow I figured I'd get a different kind of intimacy with my husband on our anniversary than with a fine-toothed comb. We've had this ritual for weeks now. And nobody else seems to have them. My husband has little hair, and my older teens are clean.

    I kinda get the creeps now just sitting in a movie theater. It makes me wonder if I should bring a flashlight to look at the seatbacks.