Prayers working!

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    Prayers are working!

    I am doing a little better, but with going out for just a bit, or trying to do something around here at home, it tires me and brings on pain in the side.

    Been fighting for medical insurance and or coverage, or help in getting great medical care and something finally came through for me.

    My friend Wanda (diagnosed with Cancer not long ago) She referred me to her doctor. Her doctor takes sliding scale payments, for visits and referrals out to other specialists or doctors when needed. Wanda found out about her through her church pastor. This doctor does this out of the kindness and goodness of her own heart, because she is a Christian, and says this is her gift to others. How good is this! Got a appointment with her Oct. 15th. Allready talked with the doctor, faxed over my medical records. She asked me if I have all the meds I needed, etc..Was going to help me with that!

    In the meantime had to make some choices on working or not working. Decided to close my case up with Vocational Rehab, and take care of the health issues. In order to get mediaid through my state, I cannot be in a job placement program, trying to gain employment anywhere, etc.. Have to be not able to work. I feel I cannot work at this time. Working wouldve brought more financial gains, but its not worth that right now. Was a hard choice for me to make. But relieved to finally make a choice. And made the choice easily this time. No fighting it. Do not feel any loss really.

    Some of the symptoms I have been having the last year, is leading up to a more serious medical diagnosis. Its pointing to Kidney disease, what kind, etc.. not sure. Going to be doing testing to determine it all.

    The edema in my legs has been a constant since the diagnosis of FM. The last few months have gotton a metallic taste in my mouth. Swelling of the hands at times. Then the pain in the legs. Headaches. Itchy rashy skin. Fatigue. Urinary/Bladder problems. Pretty much constant ache and pain on the right side and lower back. All thses symptoms I let go to the wayside, thinking its FM related. If I only knew what the symptoms of Kidney disease was. I was astounded when the doctor explained all of this to me. Its like the missing pieces of a puzzle clicking into the right places.

    So, in ways this recent problem with my Kidney, has uncovered something different that can be happening. Blessing in disguise in ways. Watch what you pray for, might just get it. Like what I been asking and praying about, whats really wrong with me?

    God Bless, Sunshyne

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    I wanted to say something.. That its so important to have a urinalysis (sp) at least a couple times a year. I thought back to when was the last time I had one done through my reg family doctor I have been going to.. Its been at least 2 years!
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    Thanks for everything! You are a wonderful person. You always reply to me. Glad we made a connection here. It feels good to be able to connect to someone going through similair situations, problems. Thanks friend!
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    That felt good to know you feel I contribute to the board. I try, I hope so.

    I see Wanda when I can. Hard to talk with her on the phone, she still gots the trach in. We set up a push button thing, like morse code on the phone though. Like one push button noise means no, two means yes. Three means I love you, thinking and care about you. We use that one alot.

    Stopped by to say hi Friday night. We played a board game called rubicube. Was a nice way to spend a Friday night.

    She goes in next week to see results since she got finished with the radiation treatments. They are hoping the masses in her throat have shrunk some so she can get the trach out. She will then start some other therapy. I think bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions.. The leukemia in her blood.

    Thanks for asking about her. Will let her know you all are still praying for her.