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    Prayers going up tonite so many people in need. For shirl, claudia, windblade, stidham, MamaR, mamadove (my fellow Cronnie), and for tigger57 (where are you, praying you are alright and still with us). for dani and her situation at school that she will get the help she needs. For fivesue, and fibrotart and her family too. for kch and her husband.

    vitter, kch, lindy, bluerose thank you for praying for me the other day..

    all others not named I am praying for you also.

    God bless our wonderful moderators on this site.

    Lord Jesus please bless and watch over all of us that are afflicted with FM/CFS (among other things too), all those depressed and despairing, please lift up our hearts and heal us mentally and physically, amen.

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    I'm concerned about Tigger57. She's usually around somewhere.

    I hope she's not extremely sick.

    Maybe she just took a break.

    Hugs to you and you're still in my prayers too.

  3. libra55

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    Tigger is back, she's on the other board, under Tigger57 Where Are You?

    Peace and hugs,