Praying for everyone in Sandys path

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  1. springwater

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    Pls keep safe all you dear ones! Praying the storm blows ovr without

    doing much damage.

    I love you all.

    God Bless
  2. windblade

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    We've suffered a lot of damage between last year's hurricane, and being flooded, and declared a federal disaster area. And this year - for instance my husband moved our car two blocks up from our house because last year our car was completely flooded. Believe it or not, a huge tree taking up almost a whole block fell on our car and smashed it like it was a bug. People were coming from all over to take pictures of it.

    We've moved to an apartment. But it's taking months for my husband to sort through and throw away most of our furnishings, many of the paintings and drawings we've done - very valuable to us. Beds, mattressses, our couch, tables etc., etc. all moldy, and have to go. Many parts of our history.

    We had lived in that house for 20 years. I loved the neighborhood with it's many tall trees. Which of course were dangerous in the hurricane. One in the front fell on the roof, crashing the chimney. And quite a few huge ones in the back woods were uprooted and fell, with their torn up roots about 8 feet or more high. If they would have fell towards the house, the roof would have been smashed in.

    Thank God my husband was okay. He was in the house during Hurricane Sandy. I was upstate staying with friends in a convent, where they took me in to help me recover from mold illness. They treated me like a Queen, bringing me delicious, fresh-cooked food. And all I needed to do was rest, eat, take my medicines and recover. Until Hurricane Sandy came! But that's all I have the energy to write now.

    My husband and I are feeling pretty demolished, and we have our moving date this coming Tuesday.

    Spring - I prayed for you so much when I was in the mountains at the Convent, and for your brother, and family. There was so much prayer going on in the chapel continuously, and I woke to the beautiful sound of the Angelus bells.

    Jam - I prayed for you too :) And all here with the struggles and sufferings of these illnesses.
  3. springwater

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    u hv been in my thoughts constantly as has Rain. i too hv been praying
    often for you both, your dear husbands and for your situations.

    how good to know you were loved and cared for by such as you were,
    sheltered in Gods house and by His people.

    the devastation has been awful and you and others put through much.

    here too, things hv been very challenging for me.

    i took up another pranic healing course and it said practitioners sometimes
    hv to be prepared for very difficult situations arising which was a sign of
    our karmic debts being speeded up so we could evolve faster. and we
    should stay the course with meditations and all that we learnt.

    well for me there is no other option. my faith in the Divine is a part of
    me and i just pray for strength to face, endure, deal and overcome
    the afflictions as they come.

    i hope to start trying healing others again...cautiously..because i need
    to stay healthy right now for brother.

    pls take care...and keep us updated when you hv the strength to post.

    God Bless

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    thank you for your prayers...i value them so much

    prayers, my own and that of others is what is keeping me sane
    these days..

    also wanted to ask if your apartment was a permanent place you
    are moving into or you are still looking out for other accommodation.

    God Bless
  5. windblade

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    Spring, how are you doing with the special Pranic healing you described?

    I believe that someday we will be completely healed; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Become our truest, longed-for selves.The more I see in life in the midst of our sufferings and joys, and taking in more and more spiritual teachings, the core for me is the purifying that we assent to. To get past the egocentric mode that separates us from our truer self, able to receive fully Divine life and love.

    I saw that in detail in one of my closest friends of 40 years. He had been sick with emphysema and then cancer for about 20 years. Towards the end he was mostly bed-ridden, but he became more and more his truest self! We talked about it a lot of times, and I could see the clarity of his personality and character becoming even more focused and loving.

    He died shortly before the hurricane hit. I hadn't known he was gone, but the next morning I woke up and was flooded with such a powerful sense of well-being. I couldn't think a negative thought, or have a negative feeling that day and evening if I had tried with all my might. I was so greatly positive in my view of life, even with the hurricane on it's way, and being sick with mold-illness, and having moved out of my house within a few hours, having to leave everything behind.

    My friend had prayed everyday for me for so many decades for my wholeness, for complete healing. And I certainly was flooded so unexpectedly - I remember my first moments of waking up, just wiggling my toes, and the comfort of warm flannel sheets, and the birds singing, and all thoughts of the future creative and adventurous.

    I had gone to sleep the night before in a doubtful, wary mood - thinking of all that could go wrong in having to move to an apartment in a more urban area, when I love the mountains so much and feel so deeply at home there. I was still staying with my friends at the convent then.

    So, later when I called and heard that Eddie had left this world a few hours after I went to sleep, I thought, he must be learning all these great new things in heaven! How to bring such states of being to those he loved/loves. And he must be really thrilled at all these new skills. That really makes me smile.

    I learned with my Grandmother's long life - 92, how when people firmly stuck to their love of God, and trusted through everything, I saw her grow more and more illuminated. I saw a photo someone had taken a few days before she died, and she was so glowing from within that it was as if she had swallowed a lightbulb!

    So many things I have seen like this. And yes, we all need each other for encouragement, and to lighten each other's burdens in any way possible. I think I fall in love with God ( Jesus, human and Divine in my religion) more and more. And paradoxically need his strength in my weakness or need more and more, but that is such a good thing. Like the sun filling the sky.

    Spring, praying for your elder brother. I read where you said he made it to the Monastary, and was so happy he would be filled with all the prayers there. Yes, and praying for you, and each member of your family!

    Jam, did I read somewhere that you're able to play bridge again? Don't know if it was a current post - thinking of your back pain.

    Good to be in touch again!
    Love, Judy
  6. springwater

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    Judy - what a powerful experience to have had! i can understand
    because i hv had fleeting moments of such exquisite happiness
    come on in from nowhere right into my solar plexus area once
    when i was perambulating round a temple of Lord buddha and
    once when i was being given healing by a novice practitioner
    at his place. This sudden bolt of energy, and an exquisite feeling
    of bliss lasting just two seconds in both cases. I asked the boy
    what he just did because he was cleaning out my aura system and
    giving healing, (in pranic healing they dont touch the other person).

    He said he heard a voice telling him to use divine healing instead of
    normal healing. Normal healing u take energy from the universe,
    divine healing to pray to the Divine to give energy.

    Also a couple of times when i hv been approaching a monastery
    or temple, something has just lifted from my shoulders and left
    me feeling very light and worry free.

    I hv no doubt about the good forces in this universe. now of course
    i always wonder why these feelings are fleeting and not permanent
    (I mean to ask the powers to be if i ever come face to face with them,
    :); ask why do they make the most beautiful hearted people suffer
    the most.

    The pranic healing i have not been able to do regularly myself neither
    the meditation..but i do use it nw and then..and feel empowered
    having it as a tool. In healing many factors come into play, like karmic
    reasons (in my religion), so i keep hoping and praying.

    i was telling them at the pranic center it seemed like something was
    out to prevent me from practising regulrly or praying, lol, because
    everytime i would get down to it, some crisis would occur. brother
    ill, niece having a relapse, horrible menstrual cramps, some relatives
    arriving etc etc.

    but i have kept at it having done all six courses offered over two years
    and turned vegetarian from March 2012 which they recommend. I also
    notice i was able to give up meat very easily after i did the twin hearts
    meditation whereas i had been trying for past umpteen years without

    Things are very difficult right now...with brother ill, and the money issues
    involved in his treatment, then we keep hearing every now and then
    some bedmates at the hospital having died, even this morning, a young
    man of 30 who was known to my dh and was receving care alongside
    my brother died and dh has gone for condolence.

    then my friend rang me a week back and told me how a staff member
    when we were working together had died of kidney cancer. he was
    my age.

    then Hobbes has been ill and i hv had to feed him painkillers for months
    now..and mercifully he has been taken and is out of pain.

    so i hv needed my faith all the more.

    im not really grieving for the people who died, rather for those they
    left behind.Judy, as i hv said your steadfastness of faith strengthens me
    and inspires me. Bless you.

    Jam - its all right that you believe what you do. Always believed we
    believe what we believe because it was right at that time for us and
    you are guided by your inner soul and have always been compassionate
    and caring of others.

    im happy to know acupuncture is helping you deal with the hip issues.

    I hope someday no one will hv to put up with pain.

    God Bless