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  1. another_painful_day

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    I cant believe the devistation the Ivan Hurricane has done

    to Granada. I am asking all to pray for Granada and the

    people of Granada. We dont relize how good we as Americans

    really have it until we see outside countries going thru

    such devistation.

    I know Florida has been smacked around two times already

    and theres plenty of deivisation there...and now Ivan

    seems to making a path right for Florida. AT THE VERY

    LEAST as AMericans we have the opprotunity to get the help

    we need during disasters...THANK YOU LORD!

    Now Ivan is also headed right towards Jamaica which is a

    poor country and there will be devistation there as well.

    I know all too well about Poverty in Jamaica because our

    church goes there once a year with Youth Group, other

    church volunteers and volunteer Dentists to offer free

    care to them and offer fellowship. Ive watched SO MANY

    slides of that country and was left with this feeling of

    gratitude and thankfulness for what little I have (which I

    tend to feel sorry for myself and moan about my life and

    what little I have until I see those slides, then its a

    rude awakening inwhich I am greatful for and I rejoice in

    what I have and the opprotunities that I also have.)

    Anyway, Please everyone....pray for all those being

    affected once again by another devistating Hurricane. The

    weather has been so unbelievable...I often wonder if its

    Natures Wrath and revenge for all the horrible war going

    on on the other side of the world.

    Thanks all!

  2. Sandyz

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    Agreeing with you in prayer. Those poor people in Granada, I feel so bad for them. Also praying for the people in Florida where it might hit. I pray that it breaks up.