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    Lord, I lift my hands in prayer
    As I seek the words I pray.

    By Your ear has heard my desire,
    As I aspire to bless You,
    That You will find me worthy.

    For, I seek You, my God.
    Thou art Holy.

    To whisper in Your holy ear,
    Be near and endear me
    Close to Your heart.

    May Your Spirit impart
    The thankfulness I feel.
    For, Your blessings
    Are evident and real.

    For each breath I take,
    I live for Your sake.

    More than ever I know,
    The love You did show
    By sending Christ as our Savior;
    The Author and Finisher of my faith.

    Each day You give to me
    Is a gift of love
    From Your throne, of above.

    Each lesson I learn
    Has caused me to yearn.

    By Your wisdom, I have discerned
    To seek You more and more.
    For it is You, my Lord, I adore.

    I am so thankful
    You do fulfill
    The very best in me.

    My cup runneth over.

    The blessed gift of prayer,
    To speak to You
    (To ask Your power to come through)
    Is an honor and, in a manner,
    Befitting a King.

    I long to sing.
    May it bring glory
    And honor to You.

    Thank You for all You do,
    For all You are.

    For, You are holy,
    Great Jehovah, and
    I offer my hallelujah.

    Great is Your Majesty,
    Kingdom of Authority,
    Creator of Heaven and Earth.

    Yet, from the time of my birth,
    You give me life and so abundantly
    Steering me clear from the path of evil
    By being faithful in who You are ...

    Protecting me, providing for me,
    Loving me, even when I am wrong.
    You correct me. For, to You I do belong .

    I completely and wholly
    Submit my life to You.

    May it be a blessing of gratitude
    You receive from me.

    May it preclude, tried and true,
    My Love for you.

    © 2002 by Elena Ramirez