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    My blood results came back and showed I had pre-diabetes. Below 99 is normal for fasting glucose. Mine was 103. this is the first time this has happened. There is no diabetes in my family. Of course I need to lose at least 20 pounds but I just lost 15. I wonder if this might be related to adrenal stress. Also my chloride level was one point over normal. Any Ideas? Not much advice from my Doctor. He just kind of scared me. I eat a healthy diet. I gave up all grains because of sensitivity, eat only some healthy fats, veggies, protein and one fruit a day. I think maybe the exercise factor plays a part. I can't do very much. I only can do Y-Dan maybe every other day if I'm lucky. Jess
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    That test that Nancy is talking about is the A1c test. I always heard that you didn't need to worry until your sugar was over 120 fasting. Losing weight will help that a lot if you can manage that.

    I've had diabetes for 29 years and believe me, I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

    Because of my sleep habits, and stress lately, I've been having a lot of problems with my fasting blood sugars being too high.

    I can't do hardly any exercise anymore because of the FMS. Anything I do puts me into a flare.

    I have to admit I think the diabetes is worse than the FMS. That is saying a lot too...

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    I am a diabetic, too. My doctor always told me that that is no such thing as a "pre-diabetic".

    He would say "either you ARE a diabetic, or you AREN'T!!!

    I also thought that you were considered in the normal range if your fasting blood sugar was between 80-120.

    103 sounds pretty good to me. Like Faye was telling you, ask your doc to run an A1c blood test on you. It will tell you exactly what your blood sugar has been running for the last 3 months.

    I, too, hope you don't have it.

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    Ditto on the glucose level and having your A1c level checked. I wish my levels would go that low. Im also diabetic. Just another note to mention is that some medications can raise your BGs. Neurontin (?sp) being one.