Pre-FMS condition, post Gastric Bi-pass surgery?

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    I have had FMS since 1991. Since then have gained 8-9lbs a year, now weighing 250lbs at 5'6". Due to a fall in 2001 and worsening osteroarthritis, I have had 5 joint surgeries and will have my 3rd ankle surgery 6-2. Therefore, am now researching Gastric Bi-pass surgery to relieve some of the pressure on my joints. I would be interested in the effects of FMS after Gastric Bi-pass surgery. Please respond if you have any information regarding this matter. Thanks!
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    (I know for sure this disorder causes weight gain. 40 pounds due to medications.)

    You might research the banding operation. That is attractive since the amount of pressure from the band (that slows you eating and fills you up faster) can be adjusted. The operation is done I think by a scope so it is less invasive than the gastric bi-pass. And it can be reversed unlike gastric bi pass.

    My opinion: I would think twice about the gastric bi-pass. Some seem to do great on it but the diarrhea and gas that people can have is very bothersome. I have had dumping syndrom after an unrelated surgery for a few years. Thank God that it had lessend. I heard that it is simular to the diarrhea that you experience after bi-pass.

    In anything like this you have to consider the good vs. bad side effects and so on. Do good research, talk to people that have had any kind of bariatric surgery you are considering. Boy, I have thought about it myself! I am trying the Atkins diet since I have heard new reasearch says it is safe.

    Good luck-we are supporting you!
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    I had Gastric Bypass surgery on March 24. I did not flare from the surgery but I was also on kick ass pain meds so any excess pain was covered! :)

    I have lost 46lbs so far and feel pretty great. I did get an infection in my incision which was unpleasant but well worth the results that keep on coming.

    Please DO NOT listen to rumors and 'thoughts' of people who have not had this surgery. It will definitely deter you. I had pretty wicked IBS presurgery but now am back to normal, I think the surgery helped it a lot. I don't have bad gas. I do have a hard time getting my protein in. Some people cannot tolerate sugar. I actually can. I don't really want it though. Nice to know that I can have it in somethings though. It is amazing how many things have some form of sugar.

    As far as pain levels, I cannot say mine has been reduced yet but I still have a lot of weight to lose. I can wear a seatbelt now. I can tie my shoes without holding my breath. I can do stairs without losing my breath. My clothes are all too big. It is great. I would definitely do it again.

    Definitely take the advice about ObesityHelp. I went there and READ, READ, READ!!! Get all the info you need and then make an informed decision. There is even a place on that site that you could find doctors in your area and read the responses of his patients.

    I chose RYN procedure over Gastric banding because I wanted permanent and speedy results. Banding can have a lot of problems. Also, if you do have RNY and have problems, it can be reversed as well, but it is more invasive.

    If I can help you any further, please let me know. I will be happy to answer any of your questions.
    Best wishes,
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    I know 2 people who have had this and done great.

    All surgery is serious though.

    I believe you have to be able to lose 1/2 your body weight but that is just what I was told.
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