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    i just got some of the pre tests back and will be going to see my Lyme Dr, in two weeks for the first time. he had ordered these tests done prior to me visiting him for the first time, can any one help with telling me what they mean?
    here are the test results,
    EBV AB VCA, IGG 2412 au/ml
    ebv nuclear antigen ab, igg 1138 au/ml
    cmv ab, igg (cytomegalovirus) 8.5 index
    antinuclear antibodies direct 447 au/ml

    sed rate 20
    alp 155

    please help!!!!
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    your Epstein_barr is high, indicating you are fighting mono. Typical for a lyme patient. It's what finally pushed me over the edge to go to a different Dr! I had "active" EBV for 2 yrs straight, practically. Finally, someone smart found the Lyme.

    LD takes down your immune system so it can easily survive, hence low body temps, etc. It doesn't like body temps over 102. So, EBV will flare, and cytomegalovirus, etc.

    Once you get into Lyme treatment, a lot of these issues will stop.

    The ANA being high is a "good thing", b/c it means your body is trying to fight.

    You may end up finding co-infections like Babesia, etc., as well. My daughter has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, as well as Lyme and EBV. She will start treatment in a few weeks, when she comes home from college.

    Your Dr is smart to want to look at the "big picture" to decide how to treat you best. Each person is different, as are Lyme types.

    There is one strain that causes more arthretic type symptoms, one more neuro. It is important to be honest in your assessment of your symptoms.

    Good luck, and don't worry!

    You will get better, and we are always here to help!