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    This past weekend I received a wonderful gift in my e-mail. A treasure trove of old family photos dating back to the turn of the century and before that as well.

    I've now seen my ancestors and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful that is.

    My cousin recently died and her family found these photos while cleaning out her home.

    Many years ago (the last time I was physically able to return to the states) I got out my Mother's box of photos and made her go through them with me so I was able to label the pictures with names. Since she's now gone, I'm so happy I was able to do this so someone can remember and continue the legacy that these wonderful pictures bring.

    Please all....if someone you love has old photos which aren't labeled, sit down with them now and get them to tell you the stories that you'll someday treasure.

    If you need to, sit down with your own photos and label them with names and dates.

    Your kids and grand kids will appreciate this as well someday. Time goes by so quicly, life happens but these photos seem to last forever.

    Take photos too, of your family....don't let this become a lost art....


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    I have a boxfull of old (some nearly 150 years old) pictures, and no one to tell us who they are. We have figured out which family tree they belong to, but that's all. They have no names and no way to trace any of them. Such a tragedy! Some are even the old tin types! The sad thing is, we didn't even know these existed until found in a trunk belonging to my hubby's grandmother after she died.

    Such a wonderful gift for you...and such a blessing you were able to talk to your mother before-hand and get the names of people! What a rare gift! Isn't it amazing to you that many of the younger people now aren't even interested in their ancestry? I have 5 children, and only 2 would I entrust these pictures to....the others would probably end up pitching don't understand it. So glad it's as important to you as it is to me...........

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    I have loads of old pics from my husbands family mostly. Unfortunatley, to many of them do not have any labels on them or names. That is awful especially when I am trying to do our genealogy . I just got a new Family Tree Maker program and am in the process of putting people's names in there. You can also put pics in there too. Unfortunately, I have little names on the old pics and thank goodness we just got a new printer that will scan too but I have to wait for DS to install it.

    That is a very wonderful gift, especially if you know who those people were. It can be so frustrating otherwise. Anoither cousin of my DH who I found via the internet has been trying to help us figure out who some of them might be, the last time he came over here. I know what you mean about some of the kids not really caring.

    However, when I remember when I was much younger and raising my kids I didn't even think about it, our relatives. Unfortunatly, lots of my family and DH's knew little about our ancestors. Also, some of the older ones like my mom and DH's dad were very reluctant to talk much about it also. Lots of things going on then with the families - very sad !

    I am with you Jole ! It is so sad especially when there are lots of pics and no identification ! BOO HOO ! I really don't know what to d about it if anything unless there are someother older relatives around that migh have a clue as to who some of them might be..

    Nancy, you are right talk to those older family members to find out some their history and maybe they can check out some of those picturess. You got a wonderul and very precious gift.
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    How I'd love to see some of those old photos! Sometimes we get so busy and forget to write stories behind the pictures.

    Another thing that is cool to do is to interview grandparents and parents, to honor their lives, especially before their time is up. My aunt interviews my grandmother, and gave us all a copy of the interview after my grandmother passed. My aunt also does geneology and collects old photos as well.

    Fight :)

    P.S. I wish you could teach me how to sew. I did so years ago and need to teach myself again. What project are you working on now?
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    Thanks for the replies...

    I guess I was lucky because this cousin did the geneology (sp?) work for us so the photos have the names to go along with it.

    And with my Mother, that's exactly what I did. I had gone back to the US to take care of her during her valve replacement surgery so I had a captive audience and I made her go through those photos with me!

    I had also started scrap booking at the time so I had gone through my own photos and labeled them as well. It's funny, you think you'll always remember who everyone is but time passes and it's amazing how quickly the names slip away.

    Fight it's funny you ask about the sewing... A few weeks ago I sewed completely through my finger with a very sturdy Bernina sewing maching so the needle ended up impaled on my finger.

    I'm just now getting the complete use of the finger back, but I still sew cute jammy pants for all of us sick folks in my life.

    Hugs all...

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    Photos say a thousand words, but it is good to keep track of what each picture was taken for, who was in it, and the personalities in each photo.

    Ouch! Glad your finger is getting a bit better. That must have really hurt!

    I saw your profile and thought I'd ask you about sewing. I want to sew, but I haven't gotten to it. Bought a sewing machine, and my mother was going to teach me but she hasn't come over, and when she does come over she wants to stay only for a few minutes.

    Pajamas? What design do you use? What type of material, and what types of design on the material?

    Fight :)
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    That sounds like an amazing program to be able to match faces. Technology has come so far, yet after getting these pictures, (of course on the internet) I wonder what our gr gr grand kids will think when they see an old camera? Difficult to think of our technologies as being dinosaurs in just a few years...

    Fight...I use a Simplicity pattern #5877 since their pattern for the jammy pants is just in one piece. So much easier and quite a few less seams to worry about. E-bay is the best place to get it since I think it's an old pattern. Since I live in Germany I get my fabrics cheaper from E-bay too.

    I use flannel in winter, fleece for some like my niece who's getting her doctorate degree but has many illnesses so she's always cold and cottons for the summer time. I've also found lately that I like the knits too. Micro fleece works well too and is very comfy.

    I like mine low on the hips but very long for my long legs with a wide elastic so I'm able to adjust this pattern easily. My friend with MS likes it higher on her belly with thin elastic so she gets hers the way she likes them. We all do...

    I re-taught myself to sew about 6 years ago and I'm so glad I did. It's creative, fun and if I have to be sick, at least I look cute at the same time!! (Mrs Dewer's 8th grade home-ec lessons came back to me much better than I ever thought they would)

    After my most recent diagnosis and hefty weight loss, all of my old jammy pants had to go to the thrift store on base and boy did they love them. They told me they fly off the shelves and they can't keep them in there.

    I've had many people tell me I should start a business but I just can't....keeping up with the family members and friends keeps me busy enough!