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    It's been ages since I have been in this site but would like some advice, help or knowledge if someone can help;
    I was under the impression that Prednisone did not help FM... can anyone fill me in with this ie: have you tried it, did it help with the pain etc?

    I'm currently taking 8mg Jurnista at night and 4mg Jurnista for breakthrough pain but have found over the oast weeks, months that it is not helping at all so I am having to resort to over the counter meds such as Mersyndol and Neurofen Plus. Nothing is helping and that is why I was wondering about a last resort!!
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    Are not usually something one wants to do unless absolutely necessary. FMS is not considered an inflammatory illness but it often travels with other illnesses which are. There is usually a limit to how much the steroids help and a limit as to how much one can take.

    Before my doc and I knew anything about FMS, I agreed to a small injection and received no relief from it. This is just my own experience and others may have had different outcomes.

    I have found that ibuprophen helps with inflammation better than any other OTC med. It also helps with pain to a degree. If it is inflammation causing the pain, it works well. One can take 600 mgs 4 times a day or 800 mgs 3 times a day maximum. It is hard on the stomach and liver so it's not something I would use on an ongoing basis.

    FMS pain is widely considered to come from the central nervous system which causes the neurons to fire pain signals. Meds, like Lyrica, neurontin and Klonopin work on this assumption to help with pain. These meds also have side effects and if one ever wants to stop them, they must be weened off of slowly.

    I had great success with the Guaifenesin Protocol but not everyone is willing to follow the treatment constrictions and, like everything else, it doesn't work for everyone. If you would like to read more about it, get the paperback book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia." I'm not sure I agree 100 percent with Dr. St. Amand's theory about how the Guai works but it did work for me and that's what is important.

    What is left is opiods. When I became so sick that I was bedridden and in horrible pain, before the Guai Protocol kicked in, I was on morphine. It has it's side effects, headaches and inability to drive, and it has its limits in reducing pain. There are other opiods available through prescription.

    Good luck to you. If you can find a good doc who is knowledgeable of FMS, usually not a rheumy but there are exceptions, he or she can help you find a way to relieve the pain. You deserve to have your pain addressed. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    We are all different and just have to use trial and error to find what helps with most with the fewest side effects. I also use enzymes and probiotics to protect the gut where immunity begins. Probiotics are one of the best things we can do for ourselves. I just came off of two courses of ABX, two at one time for a week and then another week on a different one. No stomach problems. The doc couldn't believe it. When I take ABX, I double up on them.

    Yes, the Guai is closely related to aspirin and yet, aspirin will usually block its effectiveness for FMS reversal. I've always been able to tolerate some salicylates while on the Guai but now that I'm mostly reversed, I can pretty much do anything, at least, on a short-term basis. I no longer have to worry about what I put on my skin, which is a HUGE relief because of all the skin cancer on my face. After the topical chemo, I have had to use Retinol A and vitamin C skin creams. They contain botanicals.

    Love, Mikie
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    is because I was diagnosed with FM in 2003. I originally saw my local dr for pain in my thighs and he put it down to strained muscles...I did enjoy my gardening back then! But the pain continued and I was referred to a Rheummy who did the FM diagnosis. I have tried all the antidepressants used for FM, the latest being Cymbalta which has done nothing for my pain, and I am slowly weaning myself off it under drs advise and so far so good!!
    My pain meds started off with Panadiene Forte and of course has risen to Jurnista, which is still not helping the pain. I also have acute neck, shoulder, hip and back pain.

    I was remembering the other day that a dr I was saw put me on a course of Prednisone and the relief was almost instant so the other day while in excruitating thigh pain I decided to try the Prednisone 25mg. Within 30-45 minutes I had wonderful relief...don't get me wrong I am going to see my dr next week and speak to him about things.

    I did some research on thigh muscle pain and came up with polymyalgia rheummatica and I appear to have ALL those symptoms and they use Prednisone for it as well as other type of drugs such as DMARDs such as Methotrexate which is a once a week dosage and much kinder to the body.

    I have also been wondering if my 2003 visit to the rhuemmy was a misdiagnosis and have been labelled with FM all this time and each dr and Rhuemmy I have seen since have just followed on from the original diagnosis.

    I have printed out some info on polymyalgia rheummatica to take to my gp next week and have a serious talk with him about it, get some blood work done etc although I know that sometimes nothing shows in the blood but I think it might be worthwhile to check this out.

    I'd like to hear from anyone that has pr and also if you think I am grasping at straws!!

    Thanks :)
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    The 2003 rheummy did not test for anything else...just told me it was FM!! Going to ask my gp next week about having other tests and maybe a misdiagnosis.

    Thanks everyone
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    I do occasionally take one. Before FM i was diagnosied with controcontridis. If that acts up I take indometchian. However, I do not know if it is from the weather or activity even if that is not bothering me I do get inflammation: Instead of adding more and differnt meds I take the indo. It does help the inflammation (usually in my knees, wrists, feet, hips and neck). It does bother my stomach so I only take it when I really really need it and I try to just take one or two pills over a day or two. So far, unless it is the costro, the couple of pills helps out a lot.

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    I'm in a similar situation. Long story shorter: I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 2006 with FM after going through an entire rheumatological lab work up.

    Fast forward to October 2010: by this time I had tried every drug that is currently labeled for FM: Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella. They did not help my symptoms at all. For pain relief I take MS Contin and Norco and Ultram daily. By this time in October 2010 even these opioids were not working well to manage my symptoms. My doctor at the FFC I go to decided to try a therapeutic trial of Prednisone. It worked as you described; it was amazing. By day three of Prednisone, my pain is gone; my energy levels are high. I almost forget I'm sick when taking the Prednisone.

    My pain management doctor said it's dangerous stuff, that they have an adage in the business to describe Prednisone: "short term magic but long term tragic." He said I shouldn't use it more than a couple of times a year for the worst flare-ups.

    I have needed the Prednisone twice in the past two months to recover from horrible flare-ups. Consequently, I'm scheduled in a couple of weeks to see another rheumatologist to see if there are other things going on. I too did some research and found what you did about polymalgia rheumitis or whatever it is called.

    I'm really confused. If FM is not an inflammatory condition, why does Prednsione help so much relieving my symptoms? So, I can relate to your question. I don't know what the other medications are you mention in your original post. But I am interested to know what you find out about why Prednisone helps you.

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    Prednisone is a steroid which is definately no good for the body, apart from that I don't know much more about it. My daughter is a nurse and tried to explain it all to me but it went way over my head but did tell me to be very wary of it and try not to take it until I see my dr next week..easy for her to say especially like days like today!

    If you mean the drug Jurnista that I take it is very similar to MS Contin...may as well be swallowing lollies for all the good it does..NOT!!

    I'm in Australia and they use a once a week drug called Methotrexate for any severe rheummy problems. It is really a cancer treatment but given in lower doses. There are other drugs too!

    I'm going to as my dr for all the tests possible but there is still a chance that the blood works will come back normal!! Luckily I have a good dr who is open to ideas (only been seeing him for about 6 months) so I'll go and blurt out everything and see what happens.

    I ihope you have some luck with the Rheummy...please let me know how you get on!!

    Gayl :)
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    It is important to find out whether this is what you have as there is another test for giant cell something-or-other (can't think of the full name) which can cause blindness if one has it, along with the PR. Don't want to scare you but a firm dx is important.

    My neighbor has PR and it acts soooo much like FMS but it is an inflammatory condition. I believe a LOT of us also have inflammatory conditions and that is why steroids help. My recent CRP was a 6+ so I have a LOT of inflammation. I also have CFIDS/ME and it now seems that I also have Sjogren's even though my ANA is still neg. (that isn't unusual).

    I've had localized steroid injectons for localized inflammation. Those injections pretty much stay localized in the joint or wherever they are injected. Taking steroids systemically is a different deal. If one has an auto-immune illness, they may be necessary but it's really important to get a firm dx before considering systemic steroids.

    Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have read about that giant cell something-or -other..about 1 in 5 people how have PR are diagnosed with it and it is quiye scary. That is why I have been doing a LOT of research on PR and talking to my dr in depth about it.

    I would like 100% diagnosis but like a lot of illnesses/diseases sometimes that just does not happen, no matter how many blood tests etc you have but I am not going to take any steroid meds if it is not necess

    I will see the dr and have tests done and go from there. Thanks for you support!


  11. Mikie

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    It just came to me. I do believe there is a reliable test for this condition regardless of whether one has a firm PR dx or not, but I can't remember what my neighbor told me for sure. If you are researching it, you will probably find this. Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    It just came to me. I do believe there is a reliable test for this condition regardless of whether one has a firm PR dx or not, but I can't remember what my neighbor told me for sure. If you are researching it, you will probably find this. Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie