Pregabalin- A new drug?!?! for Fibromyalgia patients

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  1. Sislene

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    Hello All!!
    I was in the chat room and someone mentioned this drug, so I went and explored the net. Pregabalin is supposed to improve pain in patients with fibromyalgia. In their study, 29 percent reported a 50 percent reduction in pain, in the 8 weeks. In addition, it showed a significantly improved sleep quality and fatigue.
    Ask your DOCTOR about this new drug, I am. Sislene
  2. Nikki

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    My dr recently rx'd Klonopin for me & it has definitely taken the edge off my pain . . . I've even been able to cut down on the number of pain pills I take during the day. My only problem (at least I think it's the new med) is my stomach is having a hard time adjusting to this new drug coursing thru my veins and I tend to stay sleepy quite a bit (not fatigued so much as just down right sleepy . . . then again, maybe that's one and the same).

    But, the most important thing of all (thanks to this new drug), I was able to attend my 40th high school reunion this past weekend, and I had a simply delightful time dancing (albeit slow) and laughing with my husband and old classmates. I laughed and had fun all evening . . . I felt as tho I was glowing and everyone thought I looked great (little did they know. I was able to leave that old disease . . Fi . . Fiber . . whatever . . @ home) and I felt "normal" for the 1st time in over a year.

    But, I digress...........thanks for the headsup on this new med. New drugs are always reminders to me that not everyone has completely given up on us . . . at least not as long as someone is still doing the rearch...........Nikki
  3. epicurean

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    this drug is not on the market yet,and won't be for some time.My pain managment Dr. is watching it very closly,and as soon as he can he wants to try me on it!!
  4. Wingingit

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    I have been reading several articles stating that Pfizer had halted late-stage clinical trials of this drug due to US regulator's concerns about tumors in mice given this drug. Pfizer has been developing this drug as a successor to Neurontin, but clinical trials were put on hold when the FDA became concerned that mice giving this drug were developing a certain type of tumor.
    Just a heads up.
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    Hi i've suffered with fibro since I was eight(now 22) and have tried loads of drugs and remedies but have never heard of this drug could you tell me abit more about it.
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  6. Mikie

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    Is an antiseizure/antispasmodic medication which is very helpful for many of us. Go to our library and do a search on Klonopin or Dr. Paul Cheney. His article will explain why an antiseizure drug will help prevent brain damage from our constant slight state of seizure. Klonopin has greatly helped me with sleep, anxiety/panic attacks, tinnitus, and sensory overload.

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read about this. His sister article on SSRI antidepressants and stimulants is also very good.

    Love, Mikie