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  1. LindaW

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    I saw my physician yesterday and told her about the excruciating burning that I have been experiencing. She gave me an rx for pregablin(Lyrica).One of the symptons that can result is weight gain. Just having fibro is a battle against weight gain, this is not another problem I need. Has anyone tried this medication? Has it helped and did you have weight gain? Thanks for your help.
  2. HurtsToMove

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    I've just started Lyrica, been on it for 2 weeks thus far. I feel it does help with the burning pain so I'll stick with it. I currently take 75 mg bid. I haven't gained any weight on it yet (knock on wood). I do notice that when I eat it takes longer to feel full. I think the drug has a slight effect on the satiety center in the brain. So I just make sure to eat my normal amount, and don't sit in front of the tv with a bag of chips.