Pregablin for Fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jengus, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. jengus

    jengus New Member

    Brand name for Pregablin is Lyrica - anyone taking it? How much and how often? Hasn't helped me yet, but I'm still hopeful that it will!
  2. LakeErie

    LakeErie New Member

    I have no personal experience - but the majority of the member know the drug as Lyrica - go in and do a search for the title of Lyrica and you will get dozens of hits.
  3. Pinky

    Pinky New Member

    I started Lyrica 1 week ago and I have noticed a GREAT improvement! I can honestly say for me this may be my miracle drug! I have had hours, some days with no pain- except for the osteoarthritis pain in my neck and fingers. I am still on 50mg. 3x a day. Monday I will start with 150 mg. 2x a day. I hope this continues to work for me and the few side effects I do have go away (Dizziness, head pain, almost like pressure on the top of your head, and blurry vision- I cannot drive at night now.)I am no longer having bowel problems, but I do get very tired around 2:30-3:00 and have to lay down. I usually sleep for about 2 and a half hours! My sleep has improved tremendously. I am actually sleeping thru the night most nights. And its the deep sleep. But I am also on a few other meds along with the Lyrica( I have been on these for probably going on 5 years now. Keppra for my seizure activity, Lexapro, Ultram, Klonopin, Trazadone, and the Lyrica. I am also currently taking Prevacid for GERD and chronic esphogitis. I switch between that and Prilosec. But I have to say once I started the Lyrica I now remember what it feels like to be without the pain of this DD. When my Rheumy started me on Lyrica she took me off all my supplements except for the Magnesium and cod liver oil( and I was taking quite a few supplements)
    Now that this is my 6th day of Lyrica I am feeling less dizzy and the head pain is not as bad. I actually went the whole day today without taking a nap. I have much more energy! Wish me luck and I hope you get the results you need if you plan on continuing Lyrica! "HUGS"
    Love, Debbie
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