Pregnancy and CFS/FM??

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    Hi There!

    I was a frequent message board user about a year and a half ago but thanks to some good docs and support from my new husband I am feeling better! God bless all of you who are struggling with this very difficult illness.

    I was curious if anyone has had a pregnancy occur after the onset of illness or if anyone has information about what happens during pregnancy to someone suffering from CFS/FM.
    I was married about 10 months ago and my husband and I frequently talk about having a child. I have found out very little about what may happen with a pregnancy as result of the illness. I am 31 years old and I don't have forever to wait for myself to start feeling better. It seems as though pregnancy may be a real leap of faith and I was hoping some of you may have some experiences to share or some information. Thanks so much for your time!

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    I don't have any experience to share about being pregnant. However, my husband and I are planning on trying to conceive next year. I have had many people with CFS/FM tell me I am a selfish person to bring a child into the world with me being ill and also possible passing it on. This is not a decison I have made lightly but none the less it has been made. I have had women tell me that they felt better while they were pregnant, as if there symptoms completely disappeared. Others have said they felt worse. I guess it depends on the person and the severity of their illness.

    I am working very hard this year to get my health in the best state that I can. I am changing my diet and doing everything I can to feel the best that I can. My suggestion to you is do the same. The healthier you are the healthier your baby will hopefully be.

    Take care!
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    im preg with number 5 now,every preg is diffrent ,some go into remission some dont the ob will work with you when and if any promblem come about,make sure you find a ob who belives in cf and fm,im liucky in the fact my pc also delivers babies,
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    I'm pregnant with my first. I cannot say that I have gone into remission. But I cannot also say that I have gotten worse. The first trimester was pretty bad - the second one has been pretty good. Like others say, it totally depends on each person how you will feel. I have never heard that having CFS/FM will make you a high risk pregnancy. And thus far, my little boy seems perfectly healthy. I wouldn't worry too much about CFS/FM affecting your pregnancy. I still have the pain as well as preg pain, but I have found a little bit more energy in this second trimester than I had before I was pregnant.

    So go for it! And just keep taking care of yourself and I'm sure everything will going smoothly.

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    ...for posts on this subject. You will find a wealth of experiences.