Pregnancy and Fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat211, Jan 21, 2010.

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    We have talked about having another little one, but are hesitant because of the Fibro. I talked to my Dr yesterday about it. She told me she has seen it usually go 3 ways. One, if the woman is on meds that work, the fibro usually gets worse during pregnancy. Two, if the meds aren't working, the woman usually gets 'cured' during pregnancy. Third, there are cases where pregnancy doesn't change any of the fibro symptoms. I haven't tried any meds that work. I am trying to control it with an all organic, gluten free, unprocessed food diet and exercise, which is working well for me. I'm not pain free, but it has helped greatly.

    I'm wondering what you all have experienced. We are still on the fence about another child, especially with all of the stress going on with our house right now, but I'd like to know what others have experienced.

    Also, what about the new born period? Have you experienced a greater rate of Postpartum deppresion?
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    Have you tried search on info? It has been talked before but not for awhile.
    There is a poster Kjade who had a baby not to long ago but right now she is very sick with pneuimona. She also posts on chitchat. If you search her user name could probably pull up her old posts.
  3. Tawra

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    I just had my last one 7 months ago. My oldest is 12.

    For me always feel better when pregnant. So much so hubby and I joke that we should have 20!

    Yes, it's very hard when they are newborns but I have a very supportive hubby who gets up with him most nights.

    I wasn't able to breastfeed because of the pain from my FM. I had a lot of complications from it and it was not worth it.

    The first year is the hardest and frankly I don't feel a lot better until they are 5 and really sleeping through the night and potty trained! :)

    Yes, I had Postpartum depression but I struggle with depression most of the time anyway and none of the meds ever help. That's my biggest problem. I could deal with the fibro pain if I could get my brain to work.


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