Pregnancy and Fibro

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    I am new to this site but have found some very useful information in just the few minutes I have been here. I was wondering if anyone can give me some information about preganancy and Fibro?

    I was diagnosed with FM last summer but have had symptoms for almost 4 years. (I'm 27yr old) I thought I knew what my symptoms would be with the fibro but when I woke up this morning I began having different symptoms. Normally, the pain radiates from my mid-low back and goes down my legs and at times walking is just too painful or I loose my balance as my muscles lock or become too weak. I have been experiencing a flare up for the last 3 days.. which *knock on wood* is the first bad one I've had in about three months. Today the pain started at my mid-lower back and went up my back to my arms. I felt nauseous as my parnter tried to massage the muscles that were so tender. We have a 12 year old boy who saw me be lifted off the bed and helped into the bathroom. To say the least it was difficult, scary and imbarrassing.

    We are trying to get pregnant. The pain has never been like it was this morning and I'm not backing out on my dreams of having a baby. I am just curious if anyone else has been through 9 months of pregnancy and had flare ups like I'm having. Everything I read is that it just depends.. some women feel better.. some terribly worse. I think keeping the focus on the baby and not myself will help but I'm hoping someone will offer some stories of encouragment and some ideas of how to manage the flare ups while keeping the baby healthy.

  2. kc15

    kc15 New Member

    My husband and I are in the same boat and I have wondered the same thing. My doctor has requested that my husband and I stop trying for about six months while we get things straightened out with my illness (I was just diagnosed with FM last month).

    I, too, would love to hear others' experiences with FM and pregnancy. Stories of encouragement would be much appreciated!

    Good luck to you, Gel, and please take care of yourself. Welcome to the board!

  3. gelicab

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    Congratulations on your decision to try to make a baby. And thank you for replying to my post.

    I had to laugh at the idea of your doctor. It has been my experience that my symptoms are getting worse not better and therefore if I waited for my illness to subside I might never have a baby. Besides, they are our doctors not our bodies. Yes, having another life grow inside of you is the most amazing and terrifying experience I think I will go through. However, there is nothing more beautiful than your child coming into this world.

    How long have you been trying? And what are you doing to prepare for preg? (If you dont mind me asking) I have stopped all caffiene including diet coke and chocolate. I have increased walking and drinking plenty of water. As far as my illness? I have decreased my meds considerably though the last 3 days I have relied on the muscle relaxers to be able to get up and down at work. I am going to start water arobics soon (I did that before and it works great for preg woman who are healthy)

    I wish you the best of luck.
  4. PainPainGoAway

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    I had three sucessful pregnancies and one miscarriage...
    The FM was undiagnosed when I had my first child but I had a lot of problems with my back...then some problems with early labor. Ended up on complete bed rest and meds but he came out fine (3 1/2 weeks early). I walked a lot and swam until I started having problems but had a good delivery. I think if I had known what was wrong with me, I wouldn't have pushed so much. My doc refused to let me work and I was very stressed. He knew something was wrong but didn't know what.

    With #2 I was on the candida diet and lost it (not blaming that).
    With #3 I was sort of on the candida and a low blood sugar diet-- she was my only planned one. I knew about the FM then and got the okay to try from my docs. I'd been in remission but experienced EXTREME fatigue as soon as I tested positive on the pg test it seemed. I had been told that pregnancy can cause remission but it didn't work that way for me. I managed to work at a preschool till I was forced to quit (doc) but only with the support of my co workers-- they would hide me during my lunch hour while I slept alongside the kids. I hid between the bookshelves and slept on a mat (off the clock). I took iron and magnesium maleate on top of the prenatals but it was difficut working and being pg and dealing with the FM?CFS. I had to go off the candida cuz I wasn't gaining weight. Never had any problems with early labor, had a wonderful birth at an alternative birthing place....
    after I had my precious baby I ended up so sick I was bedridden for about 5 months. I recovered, tried to go back to work about a year later...(so stupid-- should've known better).
    My third child...I was depressed and scared to have another baby after being so sick (they're two years apart)but it was a surprise. I ended up on prozac the last 6 weeks of pg because I was so depressed but it helped...had a wonderful water birth. Mom came and stayed with me for three weeks and I recovered somewhat.
    I don't regret any of my babies but it's been a long road of recovery. My youngest is 5 and it took me about 4 years to get to where I was before children...still sick but a little more functional.
    My advise would be to get a complete evaluation to ensure as much as possible that you're not contagious with anything (like Lyme or mono etc). If so, take care of that first.
    Keep up your nutrition, and try to stop any meds that aren't safe to continue. Calcium, Floredix iron and magnesium maleate help with cramping, fatigue and FM pain and are safe to take, important even.
    All three of my children are very healthy so far (my oldest has ADD and some similiarities to FM which scares me big time)-- and very intelligent. I'm so glad they're in my life! I hope you are successful! It's definitely worth it if you know you will have help and be allowed to be pampered, to hurt, to recover...if you have support and good doctors too! Have fun trying but wait till this flare is up!!!
  5. Mamalovinit

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    Just look at my name,lol! I have 7 wonderful kids ages 11,10,8,7,5,3 and 1 years of age. hehe I love my family to the fullest and my husband is the best. Getting any encouragment yet? Really I do feel better when I am preg. and nurseing my babies. I have gone into full remission with some of my pregnancies. With some of my problems coming back after the baby was born and then most to all coming back after I stopped nursing. Each time I was pregnant it is different. But always worth it for me and them. Don't be surprised if you do not get a lot of encouragment though. It all depends on how you look at life. Some people always look at the glass half empty others see the glass half full. Know what I mean? Some say how could you have a baby it might end up with FM or CF. Well that could happen, but they could get cancer too and that would be worse or maybe die in a car crash or get stolen by a someone. We can not live our lives worring about what if this or that happens. I love my life even with fibro. things could be worse. I toke b-12 shots through my last pregnancy and that helped a lot. Didn't go into remission with the last one. Still worth it and always will be. Want to ask anything else I would be happy to answer you. Babies are my favorit subject!!!
    Sorry forgot to answer about the flare ups. Like I said I did use the shots plus lots of rest. I tried not to get near anything that may trigger me.
    Don't forget to tell the doctor about the new symptom, you never know if you might have something else going on that could be helped.
    My hardest time was after labor and delivery. I had very hard labor that toke 12 to 36 hrs. No my labors did not get easier or faster with the more babies I had. Make sure to have alot of help after you go home and even at the hospital.With #4 I had a very long labor with alot of the time my body would just shake. My sister held me to help me stop the shaking bit. I could not hold my baby by myself for the first 24 hrs. because I couldn't left my arms by myself. DH put the baby in my arms and held his arms around us so I could hold him.
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  6. schnauzerlover

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    I felt absolutely great during my 3 pregnancies (not counting morning sickness in the 1st trimester!). While I won't guarantee that will be your experience, I do want you to know that there is hope! Who know why I felt so energetic - maybe an extra blessing from God during those days! Best wishes!
  7. gelicab

    gelicab New Member

    You two are wonderful. Thank you so much for your posts! The part about not being able to hold your baby by yourself.. can I tell you how precious and special that situation must have been. I cried reading it.

    My support system would definetly be that strong. If I cant do something the family will.

    Thank you again for your reply!
  8. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    I too can offer some encouragement. I have been sick 20 years and had two pregnancies right in the middle of CFS/FM, with no remission during the pregnancy. The second pregnancy was twins. I was too weak to have vaginal births and had caesareans. I was too weak to hold my children when they were born. The first birth was unusually bad, as they had to knock me out for the birth. After my daughter was born, she was rushed to Neonatal Intensive Care. I couldn't go in because the gurney was too wide to fit through the door. Baby girl couldn't come out, so I just looked through the window. They put me in my room, and the nurse finally brought her in to me. I couldn't hold her because I couldn't sit up. I just held out my arm and touched her forehead with my fingers. That was all I could do. But it's okay now. She's 14 and I'm a little bit functional. My twin girls are 10. It was tough, but we got through it. My husband, however, fell by the wayside. He divorced me because of my health problems and my twins are ADHD/ODD/OCD and he couldn't handle it. But we're surviving. Good luck to you.

  9. kc15

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    I don't mind you asking about us trying one bit! We've been sort of trying (as in skipping birth control) for about 6 months. My periods are very irregular and obviously we have not yet had any success. Because of that, my gyn wants to start me on Clomid but my PCP is afraid that my current meds might interfere with all that.

    Soooo...I kind of feel like I'm in limbo right now. I'm your same age and often feel as though I'm getting conflicting stories from the doctors I'm seeing about what's in my best interest. Sometimes I just want to shout, "What about what I WANT?" I definitely do want to make sure I've got a handle on my newly diagnosed illness before delving into something new, but by the same token I can't spend the rest of my life waiting until life is absolutely perfect before chasing my dream of being a mom!

    It's refreshing to have found someone my age on the board who shares my current situation. I look forward to talking to you often - good luck to you as well!

  10. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I'd be happy to tell you about it!
    I heard about an alternative birth center located in a maternity hosp in my city. I was 7 mos pregnant with my 2 child and DETERMINED to try it-- I was so excited I read up on it and took a class too.
    My doctor was skeptical because of my health and he'd never done one but I knew it would help me cope since I love water and didn't want drugs during labor. I labored in the water with her but ended up giving birth in the bed (due to some faulty equipment they couldn't moniter me in the water). It was an amazing experience still.

    When I had my third I found a gyno who supports water births and even though I was so depressed, he told me he knew I could do it...and I believed him. He also didn't see the FM or other health problems as a negative thing...

    I labored in the same room as with my second and this time delivered my baby in the comfort of the the water...pushed for less than 15 minutes. She came out sleeping she was so peaceful! We love telling that story!
    The experience was great for me because I wanted to not have to take drugs, knowing I would recover faster. The nurses (doulas) were so helpful. I think it's great for fibromyalgia. Water is a good pain diffuser. I also had a friend who does reflexology work on me while in the water!
    I hope you can have that experience if it suits you!

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!
  11. Mamalovinit

    Mamalovinit New Member

    If you have the support you have a head start already. I had a hard time with my last (not all do to fibro). I was unable to do anything for the baby by myself. I needed help to get out of bed from he nurses for the first 2 days. I had lost a large amount of blood after delivery (can happen after having alot of babies.) I had a seizure do to low blood sugar, I had gestational diabeties. Then passed out on them in the bathroom. I was a real mess on top of the labor and delivery with the fibro.All that happened within the first hour after he was born. My husband stayed with us the entire time. He did everything for him and toke care of me when I needed him to. I just stayed in bed and slept most of the first two days. My husband would wake me up to nurse our son and I would stay awake for a short time then go back to sleep. If Danny had not been there our son would have had to go to the nursury. I would not have liked that very much at all. I was much better on the 3 day and even made them let me go home on day 4, only because I knew we would be toke care of at home.
    I forgot to tell you I did need to take the epideral with babies 3 and on. The first two I didn't have fibro and didn't need the meds. After fibro kicked in labor felt more like someone was trying to ripe my gutts out. I had to have the epiderals or I would not have been able to handle it.I did read about water births and woundered if I could do it that way but do to my problems in the last preg. I went from a mid wife to the OB and decided to stick with the epi.
    I forgot to tell you I had a time getting pregnant the last time in fact I had lost 3 early in pregnancy. I had low progestrone (sp?) and was given a natrul cream to start out with then I was to change over to the pill. I got pregnant befor going to the pill and was able to use the cream instead. I was able to carry that one with out problems.
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  12. lumediluna

    lumediluna New Member


    I have 3 beautiful children. Two I had before I was diagnosed with fibro.....and our baby now is almost 5 months old!
    I had 3 miscarriages in a row before having a succesful pregnancy with our baby son. The docs immediately put me on progesterone and here we are. I thought for sure I was going to loose him, but he was/is a fighter :)

    As for the fibro pain, I felt about 90 % better being pregnant! I had SEVERE vomiting though and I did still get migraines :(
    In my last month of pregnancy, I started to feel the burning muscles coming back and I was so bummed! I seriously thought I was cured!
    Personally being pregnant and feeling good, leads me to believe that fibro has something to do with hormones (at least for me).
    Now, after my baby was born, ohhhhhhhhhhh man, major flare ups! I swear, some days I couldn't even walk! Again, I think it goes back to the hormones. My doctor told me it could take up to 6 months to feel better after the baby is born - she said your hormones are still adjusting - totally makes sense to me. Now I feel much more better than right after I had him - still in pain, but not near as bad.
    I think you can do it! Really, it is the desire and love of the children that keeps me going! They are beautiful!

    I totally understand how you feel. Right after I had our son, I thought "what have I done, I can't even pick him up" - but it got better. I just had to pick him up - no matter how bad my back burned, I would still pick him up - I just wanted to be there for him, and I was and am.
    I wish you much luck - no regrets here.
  13. gelicab

    gelicab New Member

    Thank you all very much for posting to the original message. Your stories are so moving, I have shared this sight with my parnter so that our family can enojoy your thoughts and ideas.

    I think that the most important thing that all of your messages have in common is that you loved the children regardless of the pain. I'm comforted by the thought that some went through remission and still others felt better rather than worse.

    The key to this for myself is having that support group of friends (online and otherwise) and family (immediate and extended) that will be there through out the process. Having our baby will be the most rewarding experience. Lately, all I can see when we are out to dinner or out shopping is the little faces of babies who are so innocent and sweet.

    KC - Thank you for your post. We have only been trying for a little under a month. And let me tell you I feel like I am living the longest 3 weeks of my life. But this is just the beginning I guess.

    I will be so happy to someday announce our blessing.. I hope that you all will be some of the first to know!

    Have a healthy and happy day!
  14. Wahoolp

    Wahoolp New Member

    I am so happy to see this. Thank you! I have had fibro since 1995. I am 34 and in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. My fibro has not gone into remission as my doc thought it would, but I think it is being triggered due to the all day sickness that I am having. I wake up sick and go to bed sick. I am 9 weeks and the doc thinks it will soon get better. I have noticed that when I get sick, it triggers the muscles in my back and PAIN!!! My husband is wonderful and works on my back and has even fought off several of the knots, which made things much better. Then a little while later, I get sick again and the cycle starts. Plus I have kidney stones (not related to fibro) which is not making things better.

    With all that said and as much as I am having to stay in bed and can't work right now because of the sickness and pain, I am so excited about this baby and basically am taking the attitude that the fibro will just have to deal with it! I have been told for years that it would not be wise for me to try to have kids because of the severity of my fibro, but with a lot of prayers, I decided to put it in God's hands and we are expecting our first baby this Oct!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your decision and I wish you the best. I hope you find great happiness as the others have posted with their children. I know you all have helped this fibro lady be a lot happier today. :) As strange as it sounds, it is nice to know that I am not the only one going through this, I just wish none of us had to have this condition.
  15. aquafan1

    aquafan1 New Member

    I wish all of you the best. It would be a smart idea to ask your OB/GYN to check for blood clotting factors prior to & immediately after conception. There are a few that might cause problems for FM patients because of the increase in estrogen levels. If these are neg., like I suspect those of you with great pregs & no complications with FM during & after preg, then you will probably have a great experience. Example of blood clotting disorder associated with severe FM is Factor 5 Leiden. Good Luck, wish you the best.
  16. Knightangel

    Knightangel New Member

    I am going through a simular problem. I do not have any children, but I want to have one. I have heard a lot of bad news about having a baby with FMS, but I believe that God has his own plan for us. Here is the only site I found. They are lots of forums though. I went under yahoo and searched FMS and pregnancy.
  17. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    Pumpkinbear...I thought reading these old posts might help you a bit. I told my story, it's a few years old and I tried to be positive about my experiences, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask, because it wasn't pretty, I'll tell you that (but soooo worth it). I had NO remissions during the pregnancies, but managed to make it. My kids are 17, 11 and 9 now.
    There are things I would've done differently, and yet it all worked out, so I hope you have a good experience.
  18. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    any question, feel free to ask!

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