Pregnancy and FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by femshuff, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. femshuff

    femshuff New Member

    Here's a question for the women. If you have children did you have fibro before you had them? If so did you notice whether pregnancy made your symptoms better or worse?

    I am 18 and really want to have kids, eventually. Have been diagnosed with FMS and CFS for about 5 years now and I can't even imagine what pregnancy would be like. One person told me that they felt great while pregnant and nursing. How about you?? I would really like to know from your experience.
  2. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    My son is 17 days old and my experience was that I DID feel better through my pregnancy. My FM went into remission but my CFS did not.

    Now the CFS could have gone into remission and I could have just been experiencing normal pregnancy fatigue, I just don't know. It felt like it was the CFS fatigue to me though.

    I am not breastfeeding so I can't tell you whether or not you feel good when doing that. My son was in NICU and was bottle fed so he had problems latching. Also my OB put me on a hormone immediately so that stopped my milk production.

    I am still feeling pretty good and hopefully it will last.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions please just ask away. I can't be sure I will get back to you quickly because I am so busy being a new Mom but I do check in often.


  3. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    My symptoms were almost completely gone for 5 years (2 kids during that time.. stuff came back when 2nd one turned 2) I have progressively gotten worse, but I feel that would have happened anyway. Dying to get well enough to get pg again. :)

    The fatigue will be bad even if you were "normal".. just make sure you have some help in the first few weeks.

  4. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I did not do pregnancy well. Both times I went into it with high hopes. both times I was more of a survivor. My first pregn was bearable but I did have two bad pain episodes and extreme fatigue (like it was impossible to stay awake). The second preg was a twin preg and it pretty much did me in. I was in pain the whole way through and very nauseous. I was even in the hosp at one point. I have never recovered from that preg and have gotten worse since then. After the second pred hubby got a vasectomy cause neither of us ever wanted to go through that again.

    All that horrible stuff being said, I don't believe it had to be that way for me. All those years I was undiagnosed, so I wasn't doing what I should have been doing to take care of myself and no docs were there to help me. I think that would have made all the difference for me. You would be going in to it with the knowledge of your condition and could make a game plan for handling it. Knowledge is power. You could also be like some of the others and feel better during your pregs. Who knows.

    Also, very important! I can't imagine life without my children! I would do it all again to have them in my life. I do think it was worth it. However, if I were to have another child I would adopt for sure. My body is shot.

    I would suggest talking about it with your doc and your hubby when the time comes. Don't let fear stop you, just set up a plan for it.

    Hope this is more helpful than discouraging.

  5. femshuff

    femshuff New Member

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to answer my question. You were very helpful. I realize everyone is different and that even if you are 100% healthy you can still have an extremely difficult pregnancy. It is very true that knowledge is power, and every little bit helps. Thanks again!

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