Pregnancy and meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chip102481, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Hey guys, I am getting married in a month and my husband and I really want kids. I am excited but scared to death because of FMS. I have read a lot of the postings about pregnancy and I really appreciate those. My real question is about meds. I have already started tapering off mine and have called in sick to work several times already. Before this my FMS was very much under control. My biggest kicker is trying to go off my migraine preventative (Topamax). Does anyone know of a good migraine treatment or preventative that is safe to use during pregnancy? I have searched and searched and come up empty handed.
  2. rileyearl

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    Sometimes when you get pregnant, your body is so loaded up with hormones that you feel great. Also, your blood volume almost doubles, so that will help, too. Have you talked with your doctor about your concerns? I mean the migraine doctor, not your OB/GYN. When I was pregnant I had terrible Periodic Limb Movement. Everytime I got in bed, I turned into an involuntary rockette! My OB referred me to a doc who specializes in sleep problems. He gave me a very small dose of oxycodone, which was safe for my babe.

    Good luck to you! Congrats on your marriage. And try not to worry too much (easy for me to say!)



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