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    Pregnancy hormone may bring MS cure
    Repairs damage in mice: Results 'blew us out of the water': Calgary researcher
    It is a curious fact that women with multiple sclerosis often go into remission when they are pregnant. A new Canadian study may have determined why, and in the process opened the door to a potential breakthrough treatment of the devastating neurological condition.

    Researchers at the University of Calgary discovered that a hormone produced during pregnancy to trigger milk production rebuilds myelin -- the crucial protective coating of the brain, the disintegration of which brings on MS.

    It is possible the hormone, called prolactin, could be given to patients someday to combat the disease, which affects up to 75,000 Canadians, they say. The discovery also holds out hope for treating other neurological conditions caused in part by deterioration of myelin on the brain and spinal cord, such as stroke, spinal cord injuries and some dementia, says the Calgary research team.

    A hormone produced during pregnancy could lead to an MS treatment.
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    Font: ****When prolactin was injected in non-pregnant mice and the researchers used electron microscopes to examine the results, they were taken aback by how much damaged myelin had been repaired.

    "It blew us out of the water," said Dr. Samuel Weiss, one of the lead authors.

    The findings of Dr. Weis and Dr. Wee Yong were published today in the Journal of Neuroscience.

    "Right now there is nothing else that can stimulate myelin repair.... The potential is very significant."

    The scientists still have to show that prolactin can work similar wonders on human brains, however, and, if so, whether that repair will translate into a treatment for the disease.

    Dr. William McIlroy, a clinical neurologist at the University of Toronto and medical advisor to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, said the research is "very significant," offering more evidence that it is possible to repair damage to the central nervous system, something that was thought impossible until recent years.

    But he cautioned that no one should expect miracle cures of MS any time soon.

    "It's mice, not human beings. Multiple sclerosis is a human disease. It's a big jump from the animal work to the possible human benefits," he said. "Other things have looked promising in animals but have not panned out in humans."

    Canada has one of the world's highest rates of MS, a disease that can cause blurred vision, extreme fatigue, co-ordination problems and even paralysis. For reasons not entirely understood, the disorder attacks the myelin coating, causing inflammation and eventually disrupting the normal flow of impulses along nerve fibres.

    It has long been known that pregnant women often experience a respite from MS, but the prevailing theory is that the improvement is a result of immune system changes.

    The Calgary team had different ideas, noting that prolactin is credited for boosting cell production in the brain and pancreas during pregnancy and that more of it is transported into the brain of expectant mothers. The hormone's main purpose is to help in the development of the fetus and, later, in lactation.

    The first phase of their research, partly funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Society, found that production of oligodendrocytes, the cells that build myelin, increased in pregnant mice, as did the number of nerve fibres coated with myelin.

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    In the early 80's I was diagnosed with arthritis. The doctors said that I would probably end up with lupus. My right arm would ache. It felt as though I had the flu in my right arm. And the fingers in my right hand would get stiff and slightly swollen. This went on from about 1980 till 1983 when I got pregnant. I miscarried. But, all the arthritic symptoms disappeared.
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    went into remission while I was pregnant and nursing.

    I have always said I wish they could bottle those hormones...esp the ones that set off the nesting instinct.
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    Anyone for artificial insemination?
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    GREAT INFO. I just right this second put a posting up about how i felt better during pregnancy (even my balance/dizziness probs)....I feel like the increase in blood volume helped...and now that you mentioned this...i do remember thinking the prolactin helped moderately too.
    MS is linked to lyme and lyme to CFS so you never know what can help us out.

    My family told me not to tie my tubes incase i get really ill again. I didnt like that..but i actually did not tie them.....just in case i got better on my own and wanted another kid.:)
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    I think this is a piece of the puzzle. the research is being done here in Calgary and is all over the news. I am gonna try to get more info as I have PT but is not causing high prolactin. But a do have brain lesions and it's says that it can help remylenation!!! All for fixing these things. Anyway I think is good news and hopefully they will come up something for these horrible DD's.
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    I;ve always thought that these dd's are caused by hormonal problems and thats why this is exciting to me. My hormones are completely OFF due to the PT>
  9. darude

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    I would just like to take some Prolactin and see what happens. Will ask my doc!!!!!
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    This is very interesting my prolactin levels are low, very low in fact last time check they were a 9 and 11.

    I wonder if this is the reason along with the PT that I have felt like sh#% for years?

    Well no chance of me getting pregnant never was able and then I had to have a hysterectomy several years ago. I would like to try some though.

    Thanks for the article -- it is really interesting and I am so glad you told me about it.

    Take care,

    Karen :)

    Hi Fight -- This is all over any Health news go on Web MD it is on their news also dated 02/23/2007 Titled Pregnancy Hormone May Help Treat MS. The study appears in The Journal of Neuroscience.

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    I took the fertility drug CLOMID due to no prolactin!! mmm maybe caused tumor? Little confused on all of this but I would like to try it.
  12. darude

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    Ya your right!!! I will stick ot getting this tumor out shortly. Karen good luck with your surgery too. Won't it be great to get rid of these PT's finally.
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    Ya know I was given something years ago because I was not ovulating. I can't remember the name of it -- darn it.

    Anyway thing in my body went crazy ended up pregnant and then things really got bad lost the baby. I wonder if my tumor is related to this somehow? Make ya go uhhmmm...

    Thanks for the the good wishes darude :) and amen I am so looking forward to this thing being gone.

    The weather is awful her can't sleep -- horrible headache, body-aches the usual FMS stuff...

    Take care you both,

    Karen :)
  14. darude

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    i was given CLOMID for ovulation and then had TWINS!!!!! Pretty sure now that this was part of it. Ya I cannot have teeth out until infection gone as too risky. Might have to have done in hospital with special care. I'm feeling more tired and jittery than usual the past few weeks. have been on antibiotic Clindamycin as allergic to penicillin.
  15. lilbabe

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    This is quite interesting,because each time I have become pregnant I have felt wonderful, then after I begin to become sick again. Although I have know reason to believe I have Ms , I do have CFDS
  16. lilbabe

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    Ifelt wonderful when I was pregnant,then slowly I got worse and worse. I have the balance thing,too

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