Pregnancy & Medication??? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by itsnussi, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. itsnussi

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    Hi I am new and I got a question-
    I love to have a baby but I am wooried about medication. Because I can't cope without my medication. So I am wondering what medication you can take while trying to get pregnant & during pregnancy without hurting the child. Does anyone have any experience with that? Please help!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much
  2. allhart

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    do a web search for the fda they have a womens health section that has meds you can and cant take during pregancy
    gnc i think has a list of what nautral meds you shouldnt take during pregancy,what you take is going to be up to your dr and your need for the med,i have had to take meds with all my pragancys ,all my children were born healthy but everyone is differnt,i personally belive its best to try and aviod any and all meds for as long as possible espeacilly in the beging,
    hope that helps aliitle if you need more info my emails on my profile,
  3. itsnussi

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    Thank you for your response but could you please tell me what medications you where on while you where pregnant.

    Would also like to hear from any others who took meds while trying to get pregnaqnt as well as being pregnant. What meds did you take that are safe?
  4. allhart

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    i you havent already please email me and i will tell you what ive taken i dont want to post it on here because in the past i have been strongley criticized,
  5. pam_d

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    Do not try to do this alone!!! I admire & respect each of you for wanting to have a child while coping with FM/CFS....and I have never done this (my only child was born long before FM) but believe it can be done! But, I am going to give you an example---my dear friend & college roommate had two babies while having had lupus for 10 years. She told her rheumatologist of her desire to get pregnant, and this doctor set up a great working relationship with her OB/GYN & primary care doctor----with lupus, it's considered a high-risk pregnancy (and it may well be with FM or CFS, too) but by having a great TEAM of doctors in her corner, everything went smoothly, with lots of coordination between all these caregivers. She DID have to give up some medications she normally took, but was able to slightly increase some others to compensate (ones that didn't cross the placenta & harm the fetus). She gave birth to two healthy children, and now has a 10 year-old daughter & 4 year-old son, both healthy----AND she is now on her lowest---ever---doses of lupus medication in the 16 years she has has the disease! While lupus isn't the same as FM or CFS, I believe the same basic principles apply. If you & your loved one have a very strong desire to have children, learn everything you can beforehand, utilize the very best care by having your FM/CFS doc coordinate your pregnancy with your OB/GYN & other doctors, discuss all possible medication choices & risks to the developing child, & possible alternatives in meds, and above all----follow your heart!!!

    Good luck, you'll get lots of support here, whatever your decision!!

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    AH! Nussi... I have heard so much about you. All good things of course :O) Welcome to the board. Lots of fantastic people here. I dont really have answer to your topic, but cheers to you for better health
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    have heard a lot about you to...thank's for your welcome. I hope that you are feeling better.
  8. itsnussi

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    You are the best friend any one can ever ask for
    Love Nussi
  9. severina

    severina New Member baby is now 8 weeks old. I stopped all meds about 3 months before I began 'trying' to get pregnant. It was very hard going but I managed it ok. All I took was folic acid.
    After that time I became pregnant, and all I was 'allowed'
    to take was paracetomol (which is no good at all) for pain.
    My doctor and hospital advised me not to take anything other than this because it can cause the baby problems especially in the early months. However maybe if you are really suffering later in your pregnancy you can take other things - you will need to check with your doctor.
    Good luck, and dont be afraid to go for it if its what you really want. It took me a while to decide to do it,and its worth it.