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    Before I started to get the worst of my symptoms, my DH and I were planning on starting a family. Now I don't even want to think about it until I get some of my health under control. I am worried about the lasting effects that CFS has on fertility and conception. Is it harder? Is there more of a chance for infertility? What should I expect?
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    here on the board is pregnant. I sorry I don't remember names very well.

    Hopefully she will chim in. I don't have any kids and I don't plan on it. I'll be 41 this year.
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    HI Kellbear, I do not think that this DD has anything to do with fertility. I will have 6 children after this one is born and I will have had 4 since I have had this DD. I do have thyroid disease as well and if I do not have that under control then I can't concieve. I have also found that while expecting you feel alot better and more full of energy. I guess that happens with alot of people that are in our situation. So go at it and enjoy the wonderful miracle that comes out of a little fun. In case you wonder I am 29 and have fms,cfs,mps,tmj,costocondritious,and thyroid disease.
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    Hey there! I know I was supposed to email you a couple of weeks ago, I am so sorry, internet was down and have been a bit worried. You see, I think I might be pregnant. I am so scared. I am so afraid that my baby will end up with CFS or FM along with my blood disorder. I am also so afraid that I wont be able to participate 100% in my childs life due to the fatigue. Anyway, I guess I am feeling the same way you do right now... funny world isn't it? Well, I WILL keep in touch.

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