pregnant belly that just won't go

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ejay, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. ejay

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    i'm hoping anyone out there can give me some idea as to what i can do the spec. and my family dr just tell me its the most sever case they ever seen of ibs and fibro and load me with drugs that do nothing for this belly that looks like i'm 11 months preg. on rare occasion it goes down some as soon as i drink or eat anything you can watch it blow up i feel like the incredible hulk it scares people that are arond i just don't know what to do help!!!!!ejay
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    Time to get another could be a very seroius problem. It is not at all normal to have an extended tummy. It could be as simple as just blocked gas or you could have poop trapped in their and you would need to get rid of it. I know I will not be the only one to tell you to see a new doc. You really should.
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    Ya'll forgive me for not knowing whether to spit or cry.This message board thing is new to me and I posted another one for ejay before I saw this one.
    I used to have a terrible time with IBS but haven't for some years now.I had to educate myself about what I was dealing with and how to help myself and found that there are many more options out there than you would ever suppose.I have a problem with a hiatal hernia and wondered if that is what ejay is dealing with as opposed to a big stomach being one of the symptoms of fibro.
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    While I dont know all your symptoms, I know myself (and many others with FM) have coinciding IBS. I too have had the MAJOR bloating and dystention.

    What works for me and many others is using Metamucil (take it every day, may take a week or so to start working.) May cause initial increase ibn gas and bloating, but dont quit taking it! I know that sounds like something you dont want more of, but trust me on this one. This is just your body adjusting itself. The end result should help you ALOT!

    I also take Acidophilus caps every day. Keep them in the fridge and take one in the AM. This helps reinistate normal healthy intestinal flora, and should reduce alot of gas and bloating. You can get them at any drug store. There are also some Probiotics thatI think can help with this, but I dont know enough to tell you.

    I would also recommend checking out one of the many great IBS boards, as you are certainly not alone in this problem, and many people on there have some excellent advice.

    Good luck and you are NOT alone.
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    my husband and i were sure like you said but after seeing a total of 4 [the 1st then 3 more] docs and having every test possible it came down to ibs and fibro that does'nt mean that i dont ge obstructions on occasions thats different buti had just hoped that someone had a good home remedy the last pills for this are $240 a month. thank you for trying ejay
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    I had that bloating, gas, and all else to go with it. I, who do not need to go on a diet, heard Suzanne Sumer's on tv talking about her first book on a better way of eating, when she mentioned the bloating and gas she got my interest.

    I bought the book, and tried her diet, and after about two weeks, I lost the stomach, and all the gas too. I had to quit as I am not overweight, and was losing weight, but I make a point of not eating the wrong foods together, and not to eat fruit right after a meal.

    It was the only thing that ever helped. I tried all kinds of meds, but with no real help.

    It also helped with the IBS too.

    YOu might want to pick up a copy of one of her books, its a simple way of eating, and elimination of certain foods, such as white bread, anything made with white flour, such as pasta, white rice, and deli cakes and cookies.

    Its a matter of learning how to eat a differnt way, but you are never hungry, lots of food just a matter of separating the carb's from the proteins and fats, and leaving sugar out of the diet.

    I now have my 'flat' stomach back, and no more gas to talk about either!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have gained about 35 pounds since i was diagnosed in March. I recently went for bloodwork and found my thyroid is underactive - I hope that is the reason for the weight gain and belly. Although most times I just feel bloated and stretched. What medicine do you take? I take Ultram, Nortryptline, Paxil, Soma (as needed). I thought all along that the meds were putting the weight on. But this thyroid thing could be the cause. Went for more bloodwork and an ultrsound on my thyroid on Fri and go to the doc tomorrow (it will be 3 weeks on Sinthroid). We will see if the medicine is working. I sure would like to to know the cause as I am not a person who gains or loses by much. I weigh more now than when I had my either of my 2 kids!!!!