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  1. chngthnmtoME

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    Shortly after recovering from a bout of pneumonia and while having to battle it out with one doctor or another (there are no doctors who believe in or treat "CFIDS" in Connecticut), I discovered I was pregnant. While this is a good thing, I was on a lot of medication I've had to go off of, and I continue to suffer from doctor ignorance. I'm entering my second month, but am extremely distressed due to utter lack of sleep and no sleep medication working in about a year/having to go off of them due to pregnancy (because it got to where I have had to work full time and sleep meds would give me an hour or two of sleep, so I took the things). Pain is flaring up terribly, and I'm starting to lose it.

    No doctors seem to understand this illness where I live. I've been cut off from pretty much all medical help, and while I've seen the OB-GYN, etc., I've already had bronchitis that won't clear up. I've given my medical history to the OB-GYN, and while she's great, she pretty much dismissed my fears about my heart-rate and extreme insomnia. I've also been to a sleep clinic, where my abrupt onset insomnia 22 years ago was pronounce "emotional" because, yeah, I it's true, I can't shut my mind off- it's a technique used to try to stay awake at work or driving!!!!

    I'm trying to find any herbal remedies or support. I'm in therapy and marriage counseling. This is a wanted child, but I'm so crazed from sheer exhaustion that I can't even begin to do any stress management techniques, and there is 0 information on the internet. I'm frustrated because I no longer see any doctors who really understand this, and once you are pregnant and can't take most of the medications there is no help. I'd previously managed to lift myself to much better health on my own, but after many years of this and complicating illnesses, I seem unable to do it without medicatal intervention anymore.

    Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive in the past, and continue to be... And any women who can give advice, I'm desperate...

  2. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    Love your name, Storm...

    Yeah, no herbs or anything, I'm taking strictly what my OB-GYN approved and nothing else. I used to be really into herbal stuff, though without being very wealthy I found them of little use during many stages of the illness(es).

    As for the veggies and nuts, I have been a vegetarian for years. The problem for me right now is that, oddly given my supplementation with whey protein forever it seems (no soy anymore, I'm also seriously hypothyroid- and of course treating that), I can almost only eat meat or dairy! I know this is just a phase, so I keep lots of veggies and fruit around, but it's the only thing I can keep down right now.

    I appreciate your reply and support more than you can know.

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    read your post and cares. I am so sorry to hear that you are in this condition. Nothing is worse than stress!! I must say that I was given Narc pain relief by a doctor in low doses while i was preg for both of my girls and they are both healthy and beautiful. I suggest you find a doctor and take in a print out from the library section of this website. That is what i finally had to do and she now agrees with me and we are working together now. She just perscibed Ultram and I take Cymbalta for the head issues. Your Doc is the key.

    Warm regaurds - M

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    My 4th baby is now 14 months & I was seriously sick the entire 8 months(he was 5 weeks early). I had to see lots of docs due to blood clots & other problems & all agreed it was fine. That & tylenol #3. They both made me sleepy too. I did suffer from a'natural adrenalin' I called it while I was pregnant. I was wired all nigfht when I should have been exhausted. I had brutal migraines & severe pain inmy legs. Luckily my doc knew my history as I don't think it would have been easy getting the tyl#3. Good luck Laura
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  5. chngthnmtoME

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    Gravol??? Don't know what it is...

    I am quite sure my adrenalin is way up. I saw the same doctor halfway across the country when I lived there, and another one for several years though he's quite a trek, so no one out here knows me or "gets" this. In Connecticut, CFIDS is considered part of Fibro, and I can guarantee you I got Fibro as an outcome of CFIDS, many years into it. Consequentially, no one in this entire state treats it (it's considered 100% a mental illness) except without any painkillers (so I haven't taken any in about a year) or anything, except "go to this sleep center" (where it's AIYH) or "sleep better." (How?)

    Thanks again for everyone's constant support.
  6. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    Many years ago, and it helps only with a minor boost in energy. Part of the problem is that I moved across the country a few years ago while suffering from West Nile Virus, into a place with no support system and away from my doctor and acupuncturist, and never had money again to do all that. I've been working for a long time, trying to get some money together, but I'm totally crashing.

    Gotta go eat, and try to rest, but again, thanks for your support everyone!!
  7. abcanada

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    Gravol is a brand name for an antinauseant which you can get over the counter in Canada. The drug in it is 'dimenhydrinate' mine are 50 mg tabs & you can take 2. For someone who doesn't use often it should make you VERY sleepy. I know a few shift workers who use it regularily too when thier schedules get messed up. Lack of sleep can do alot of distruction, I know, so it wouldn't hurt to try it. Too bad you can't find an understanding doc. The only way got true understanding was to keep going back frequently.... good luck, Laura
  8. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Once I got thinking about it I would have 2 baths a day, one right before bed. This helped to knock me out. That adrenalin thing is tough though. I know I layed awake MANY nights over 4 pregnancies! Gee, I wonder how many. Considering it equals 3 whole years, I probably don't want to know how many. Hot chocolate before bed might help. I'm sure glad to be giving the advice this time, not requesting it! Take care, Laura
  9. code34me

    code34me New Member

    I have read and experienced that alot of woman with CFIDS or FM feel very good while pregnant. The first 3 months of being pregnant with my 2 children was awful from being just plain sick. The next six montths was like I had not FM or CFIDS at all it was great!

    So just mabey you will get to enjoy this in the last six months?

    Take care of you!

  10. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    Many of these ideas I've already done in one form or another over 22 years with CFIDS. The pain I honestly don't worry about as much. I do yoga and lift weights (not to say I have in the past week, with bronchitis and all) and that helps with the pain. It's just the sleep. I can relate, Laura, because this has been the absolute worst, most persistent symptom of the illness- and one of the least understood. I actually do take Benadryl, a cousin of Gravol from what I understand, but I have a bad tacchycardia, and right now it seems to messing my heart rhythm up more, so I'm mixed feelings about it right now.

    The other suggestions were helpful, but right now I can't take a bath for logistical reasons. The fact that we are having a very mild winter here doesn't seem to impact my athsma much, and I can't be in anything that leaves me in a breeze or where I could get chilled because that gives me attacks. On top of that, I have the very woeful Interstitial Cystitis- and that makes it 100 times harder to sleep (and taking baths can cause chronic bacterial infections in me). I'm used to being in the bathroom every 15 minutes anyway, but after the first few weeks' protection against it went away, I'm miserable. Every time I start to sleep, I have to go pee and then I have a minor anxiety attack from the rush of adrenalin. I'm hoping it will level off again soon, as does with so many pregnant women. I also hear the CFIDS can do that, and hope it will with me.

    Part of my problem is that I've been ill acutely with pneumonia, bronchitis, and a horrible stomach flu all in quick succession. And am stressed even more about work as I'm now off work far longer than sick days, and will be disciplined. I intend to resign as soon as possible, but my hubby is in the middle of a job change and quite anxious as well, so I'll have to wait and ride out their criticism.

    I appreciate all the ideas, and just knowing there's someone out there reminds me to be ever more vigilant (in a less stressed out way, I swear!) about a possible aid with these problems. I do have delta wave tapes and CD's, but the earbuds are excruciating with my sinuses like this, so I have to wait. It seems that's always a big part of CFIDS and the associated stuff- riding it out...

    Thank you sooooo much everyone.... More ideas are welcome. And if I can be of any help to anyone, please point me to the right threads. It's been awhile since I posted!

  11. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Bump this up please:
    I have not been able to sleep lately either. So I have been trying the products from LUSH.These are natural aromatheray products and they do work.
    Lush Products I like :
    Schnuggle Body butter
    Sleepy Head:massage bar
    Temple Balm :Dreamtime
    Deep Sleep : bath jelly

    These all have some lavendar and cammomile in them as well as other aromatherapy items in them. I have used the bath products and they work wonders as well , I Love dreamtime bath melt it makes me feel sleepy fast.

    I have been taking so many meds that I don't know what makes me feel sleepy during the daytime so I don't want to add to the mix with other sleep meds.

    The products from Lush have really worked for me. I am using Sleepy head right now adn I fell alseep really fast .I think that they may help you some . It is just a suggestion. To find them just get on the net and ask for LUSH. All products are made in Canada

    Just so you know I am not selling this product I just am offering some thing that maybe will help you get some sleep and not affect your pregnancy.

    I hope that you can try these products as for me they work really well. They have helped me to relax when I have had bad leg aches as well. Please don't think I am being pushy about this product , I have nothing to do with selling them I just use them and have had good results.

    I HOPe that they will help you ,
  12. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    I really appreciate it so much. I'll keep in touch!!

  13. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    please let us know how you are doing. i hope to have a child some day, and all the stories you guys share help me tremendously in making decisions. and i hope you are as well as possible today.
  14. mlrarr

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    I got my dx after my 4th kid. I now have 7 total!! Let me tell you about my 4th month being pregnate I LOVED IT!! I slept so sound. I had no pain at all. I never needed any meds at all. The forst three months were bad though because I was always soooooooo sick.
    If I could bottol up the 4th month up until the last month and take it when I was in a flare oh man!!!
    Everything will work out for you. When you feel bad always remember the wonderful gift growing inside and that will make it all worth it...

    Let us know what it is!!!

  15. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    ...almost 7 weeks ago now, so this is irrelevant for me. Thanks for the support everyone.
  16. ETN

    ETN New Member

    I am so sorry to hear what happened. I hope you are mending and feeling better each day.

    I started to read your post because I got VERY sick with my 3rd pregnancy and have been very sick since.

    Anyway I will say a prayer for you.

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