Pregnant or overreacting?

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    Hi. I'm a 20yr old female, who just started being sexually active. During and after the act, I felt completely fine, and still do today. I'm not on another form of birth control at the moment, so we used a condom. After we finished, he checked it thoroughly and there was no damage. I tend to worry a lot and think of all the bad things that could go wrong in a situation. For example, me being pregnant. So, three days later, I bought and took the Next Choice pill. My period is supposed to come around the following week. Other than my nipples being a little sore and a little cramping, as usual a few days before my period, I've had no other signs. I'm a nervous wreck, because I'm in no position to have or care for a child at this age. My questions are: 1.) Do you think I'm pregnant? 2.) Am I overreacting? 3.) Did I take the right precautions as to making sure I don't get pregnant? 4.) Will my period be late? 5.) Am I stressing, worrying, and overreacting too much? Your response would be greatly appreciated, and please give me any advice you can. I'm terrified! Thanks.
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    It's a pleasant surprise to have someone your age be so concerned that they might be pregnant.

    You know, this one is a tough one. There is no way anyone could tell you if you are pregnant or not. The chance is always still there, even if you used a condom. The chance is slim, but still there.

    I think that you are overreacting, and that alone can cause stress, and can cause you to be late with your next period.

    I will suggest that you see your doctor and talk openly with him/her, and explain that you are sexually active, and ask what type of birth control would be best for you.

    Good luck and try to calm down a bit. I know that it's easier said than done, because I was young once, and in your shoes.

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    I fully agree with seeing your doctor and having a pregnancy test would also be an idea. Not all doctors have brochures and litureature to help you.

    It also would be wise to go to the Health Department or Planned Parenthood and ask them for their brochures and for someone to talk to you about sex, getting pregnant, ways to avoid pregnancy, your menstral cycle, and pregnancy tests so that you fully understand.

    NO ONE can tell you that you are pregnant without physically examining you, so coming on a internet board and asking if you are pregnant showed me you needed education. You also asked if you took the right precautions. You would be served best by getting fully informed about sex, contraception, pregnancy, etc. by someone educated and able to sit down with you and provide you with brochures and explain to you and answer your questions. Until you are able to do that, don't have sex. Good luck and hugs.

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