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    There are some threads at the moment talking of cortisol therapy. Wanting to know if anyone has used pregnenolone instead of cortisol and had good results. From my research pregnenolone is basicly the raw material for all other hormones, so theoretically can raise cortisol. Pregnenolone appears to have less side effects then cortisol, this is this reason why I ask this question, also more positive in reguards to immunity.
    Also have read where dhea can convert to cortisol as well but my research is conflicting here, any knowledge of this would also be handy. I am also a male so i suppose these hormones can work differently between the sexes.
    Thanks everyone
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    Hi! Funny I just spoke to my doctor about this! I have adrenal fatigue and just started with taking low dose cortisol. I spoke to Dr. Neville at Clymer and he suggested I try taking pregnenolone supplements in the morning You can buy it on his website. I just ordered it but haven't received it. However, he made that decision from a hormone test I did, so you might want to check your levels of it before you decide to start. Also, he suggested I try taking licorice powder that he also sells on his website. Those are definitely more natural ways to help your adrenals instead of cortisol. I plan to stop my cortisol after couple of months...
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    Thanks for the replies. Im from australia so pregnenolone and dhea are all prescription items. Im having my hormones tested soon. Thinking of just trying dhea first and retest my hormones and then maybe add pregnenolone. This is all hypothetical at the moment, but previous tests have shown my cortisol levels are in low normal category and testosterone was low normal but free testosterone was in the low range. Im hoping to get all these levels to high normal and hopefully feel more energetic. Will try pregnenolone before cortisol and hopefully avoid side effects.
    Have also read where people go on cortisol for a month or so then stop, this is suppose to allow the adrenal glands to rest and there adrenal function then improves, anyone had experience with this.
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    All you can do is try different preparations to see what helps you the most. I had no luck with Pregnenelone. I worked my way up to 300 mg. per day. It didn't raise my blood levels or change my symptoms. When I dropped it, I felt no different.

    On Armour, I developed high levels of Reverse T3 after about 20 years of use. Now I'm on compounded T3 and feeling fantastic.
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    Its encouraging to see you have been helped by these hormones. I will take your advise and get regular tests to see where Im at along the way. Have heard of people having the initial testing and given treatment but no further testing to see if its helped increased these hormones, I wonder if thats why some people havent had any success as they havent had the doses titrated to what they need. Thanks again for the tips.
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    Just based on my own experience, I think it's wise to be very careful where both pregnenolone and DHEA supplementation are concerned. From most of what I've read, it seems that DHEA actually lowers cortisol levels, which can just exacerbate fatigue. I know that for myself, even small amounts of DHEA made me much more tired and I also have low free testosterone levels, so one might expect that DHEA would be helpful. I would also advise starting low with pregnenolone, even 2.5 to 5 mg can have a huge impact and might be helpful without causing the side effects that can accompany higher dosages. Again, as others have said, a lot of this comes down to what your individual hormone levels are. I've also found adrenal supplements helpful (specifically Cortisol Control and CalmPRT).

    Finally, the one thing that has allowed me to decrease my cortisol intake (from 15mg a day down to 2.5mg) is Low Dose Naltrexone. I don't know what your diagnosis is, but LDN has definitely helped my CFS in so far as it allowed me to dramatically decrease my Cortef.

    Good luck with getting all these hormones figured out.

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    can anybody tell me what the symptoms of severe adrenal fatigue are?? several years ago i became severly I'll. straight vomiting for about 3 weeks, severe headaches to the point of passing out from the pain, tachacardia, excessive urination, i lost about 45 lbs in 3 months. DR's didnt have a clue, they did all the normal blood work & didnt really find anything. Now years later i find im severly adrenal deficient and probably have been for long time. i have heard people can die from thier adrenals not working.and how long do you do meds before your adrenals start coming back?? thanks, Kat

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    I've been told that if you aren't digesting fats correctly, your body can't makehormones. SO instead of treating a difficiency, why not find out if you're digesting fats right. They can do a CDSA on you.

    Ive tried supplementing hormones, but it never worked. Now I know why. Why not try to find the root of your problems
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    I definitely wish that I had known about Low Dose Naltrexone sooner than I did. My doctor just brought it up kind of out of the blue one day. I've only been on it for maybe two months now, and I'm actually not even on what would be considered a therapeutic dose (i.e. 3.0 to 4.5 mg). I started at 1.5 and went up to 3 after about a month I think, and 3.0 mg was actually making me drowsy. It could be that I increased the dose too quickly, or it may be that, as with many other drugs, I'm just super sensitive. I haven't really noticed any other positive effects of the LDN therapy besides that it has allowed me to decrease my cortisol. I think, in theory, this probably means that it is helping to regulate my immune system, decreasing inflammation. It's hard to tell exactly how much good it's doing b/c I'm doing a lot of other things that affect my health, for instance, taking countless supplements. I'm fairly high functioning at this point in so far as I'm able to work again, but maybe if I had started the LDN at a point when I was completely bedridden, I would have noticed more of a change from it.

    As for negative effects of the LDN, besides the fatigue I felt at 3.0 mg, the only side effects I felt were when I initially started the drug and then when I did the increase. I slept poorly for a couple of nights and felt really depressed for a couple of days when I went up to 3.0 mg. The sleep disturbance is common I think for people who take LDN, but luckily it was pretty transient for me.

    It's interesting to discuss LDN and DHEA in the same context because, from what I've read, they seem to be two side of the same coin in terms of their regulating effects on the immune system. Both are supposed to help counter the TH2 dominance that is commonly seen in PWC's. LDN is believed to do so by reducing TH2 cytokines, while DHEA bolsters TH1 cytokines. It's possible that the reason I feel worse on DHEA is that when I start to take it, my immune system kicks in and wants to rid my body of all its latent chronic viruses. If I absolutely knew this were the case, I would persevere and stay on it, but the information out there on DHEA is unreliable to say the least. Do you know of anyone on this forum who would be able to provide definitive explanations about the effect of DHEA on the immune system?

    Sorry this was a long post. If you have any other question about LDN, just let me know (there's also a yahoo forum dedicated to it).